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WorthPoint Marks:

The Internet’s largest database of searchable hallmarks and makers marks.

  • Find your mark: You are looking at a maker’s mark on an item and want to know more about it.
  • Identify your mark: You find the mark in WorthPoint’s Marks database, which can tell you a lot about your item: what it is made out of, where it was made, when it was made, and even who might have made it.
  • Research your mark: Now that you’ve discovered a little bit about your mark and the item it’s on, you can discover even more value by searching your item in WorthPoint’s online Library.

WorthPoint Library:

A growing Antiques & Collectibles library of books from leading publishers.

  • WorthPoint’s Library provides the unmatched ability to research and learn about items on the same website you value and identify them.
  • Currently with over a thousand titles, the Library will continue to grow in the number of publications and publishers whose works are available.
  • Access to every book in the Library — with the ability to highlight sections, add notes, and bookmark sections for future reference — is included for a single subscription fee.

See how it works…

Marks and the digital Library continue to expand WorthPoint’s commitment to help collectors turn information into knowledge.

WorthPoint’s Marks and Library database is intended to be a clear and practical way to find and identify maker’s marks, as well as a resource for further researching your item beyond simply discovering its value. Find out for yourself how WorthPoint’s Marks and Library resources can be combined with the Worthopedia’s powerful price search to get the full picture of what your antiques and collectibles are, and what they are worth.