Chanukah Menorahs in Every Style

For many folks, nothing quite holds a candle to Chanukah – the early winter holiday commemorating the ancient miracle of eight days of light from only one day’s worth of oil. This silver finish menorah sold for $28.51 in December 2018.

For many folks, nothing quite holds a candle to Chanukah – the early winter holiday commemorating the ancient miracle of eight days of light from only one day’s worth of oil. This year, Chanukah starts the evening of Sunday, December 2, 2018. Jewish families from around the world may celebrate by exchanging holiday gifts, lighting the first candle in their menorah candelabra, singing traditional songs, playing the dreidel spinning top game, and eating latkes – traditional fried potato pancakes usually served with applesauce or sour cream. Although not technically a “major” holiday on the Jewish calendar, it has always been a bright spot during the cold, dark month of December and one cherished by generations.

Of course, one of the “stars” of the eight day celebration of Chanukah is the menorah.  This festive candleholder is designed with nine cups or lamps to hold candles – eight at the same height, and one a bit taller.  The taller one is called the “shamash” or helper, and is the one that is lit first, then used to light the other candles. A candle is lit for each day of Chanukah; so on the first day the shamash and one candle are lit, on the second day the shamash and two candles are lit, and so on.  Menorahs are quite collectible, and given their form, come in practically infinite designs and configurations – ranging from extremely traditional to modern to playful.  Here are five menorahs highlights from popular designers and manufacturers from Worthpoint’s Worthopedia that sold within the last few months. Which are your favorites?

Check it out!

Our first menorah was made by the company Mackenzie-Childs; the model is called Courtly Check Cheltenham.  This company is known for unconventionally mixing bold colors and patterns together. This handsome example is entirely hand decorated with a black and white checkerboard pattern, faux marbling, and gold highlights. It features gold plated candle cups. The menorah is made from terra-cotta, measures about 10″ long and 5.5″ high, and is marked on the bottom with the Mackenzie-Childs maker’s stamp.  This black and white beauty shown below sold for $375.

This Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check Cheltenham menorah sold for $375 in November 2018.

A solid choice.

This second menorah was designed by artist Brad Ascalon and sold exclusively through the retailer Design Within Reach.  DWR specializes in well designed, often European or mid-century modern themed household and functional items. The designer, named one of the world’s “Ten Most Wanted” emerging designers by Wallpaper in 2005, is a third generation artist and has an almost century long family history of designing menorahs and other Judaica. This particular menorah is made from Carrara marble; the candles are placed on the diagonal at 18 degree angles.  According to Jewish tradition, 18 is a very important number symbolizing life.  This modern masterpiece shown below measures 11.5″ long and 1.75″ high and traded hands for $184.25.


This beautiful menorah designed by Brad Ascalon sold for $184.25 in November 2018.

Porcelain perfection.

This third menorah highlight, in the photo below, was made by Lladro, a Spanish company founded by three brothers in 1953.  Lladro produces high quality ceramic figurines and decorative pieces, some with religious themes.  Items are made from hard paste porcelain. This Llardo menorah is model #6706. It is decorated in relief on both sides with a scene of an older man and six younger boys studying the Torah. The candle cups, the Jewish stars, and a few scrolling details are painted light blue. There is also a touch of pink scrolling on the base of the menorah. The rest of the menorah is glossy white. This elegant example lit the lamp for $179.99.

This Lladro menorah sold for $179.99 in November 2018.

Child’s play.

And now for something totally different!  This fourth menorah highlight features Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse playing the dreidel game by a roaring fire in their fireplace. The three dimensional scene, which is hand painted and constructed from resin, comes to life with presents, Chanukah gelt (chocolate gold coins used in the dreidel game, and also for eating), a brick mantle, and fireplace logs and tools.  Eight candle cups grace the front of the menorah while the shamash is located a little higher up on one of the presents.  This merry menorah that we see below spun its way to $160.00.

This Disney Fireplace menorah sold for $160.00 in November 2018.

Floral fantasy.

This fifth and final menorah highlight could truly double as a bouquet.  Here below we have Jay Strongwater’s Floral and Vine menorah.  Strongwater is a modern designer; his company manufactures a full range of luxury jewelry, home decor, frames, figurines, and holiday goods, including breathtaking ornaments. Strongwater treasures are known for their “over the top” forms, decorations, and quality – and can sell in the five figure range! This 14.5″ wide and 13″ tall, gold colored, metal menorah simply blooms with an explosion of enameled flowers in every color you can think of. The candle cups are in the form of floral petals. It is further decorated with Swarovski crystals and dimensional leaves.  This gorgeous, garden themed menorah sold for $500.

Jay Strongwater’s Floral and Vine menorah sold for $500 in October 2018.

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