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Father’s Day was recognized in 1966, when President Johnson, through an executive order, designated the third Sunday in June as the official day to celebrate “all things Dad.” In 1972, President Nixon elevated “Father’s Day” to national holiday status here in the United States. Today, just the words “Father’s Day” conjure up images family gatherings, cookouts, and of course, bad gifts – including ties, mugs, and singing mechanical fish. But it does not have to be that way this year.  We’ve taken a deep dive into our Worthopedia and have come up with a number of vintage gift ideas we think will delight the special men in your lives, or at least give them cause for a good belly laugh.  Take a walk down memory lane and consider these “out of the box” Father’s Day gift options!

Dad will “want to rock and roll all night and party every day” with this 1985 Kiss “Asylum” tour concert baseball style jersey. It sold for $75 in March 2018.

Did your Dad camp out at the Ticketron to make sure he got great venue seats for his favorite band?  If so, he’d most certainly welcome a vintage t-shirt celebrating his fist-pumping, stadium concert days. These fun mementos were produced for practically every type of musical performance, with artists ranging from Beethoven to The Beastie Boys rendered on these cloth keepsakes. 

Fine old radios look handsome and can sound great! This early 1960’s Saba tube radio was made in Germany and receives medium wave, long wave, short wave and FM signals. It sold for $285 in March 2018.

Many of our Dads spent a lot of time listening to sports, as well as programs like “American Top 40,” on radios with buttons and dials.  “To-go” music then meant a transistor pocket radio, nothing like today’s iPhones and other handheld devices that store and manage thousands of songs with just a swipe.  Fine old radios not only look handsome and sound great, but they can also add a wonderful focal point to a study or library.  

Items from Dad’s favorite team are always a hit. This eye-catching pair of heavy duty, molded 18″ x 27″ Ohio State floor mats sold for $49.20 in March 2018.

Help Dad “pimp his ride” the Father’s Day with some car or truck floor mats. But not just any floor mats!  Today, it is possible to find these once just utilitarian items decorated with Dad’s favorite sports team, alma mater, or even cartoon characters. These rubberized mats not only help keep Dad’s car floors clean and dry – they will have him feeling up when he’s looking down (at them, of course!).

What is old is new again with this mid-century portable bar, perfect for tailgating. This set sold for $59.99 in March 2018.

If Dad is thirsty for something different this Father’s Day, why not consider vintage barware as his gift this year? Drinks have gotten fancier over the years – but the basics, and the tools to make them – are as classic as James Bond and his “shaken not stirred” martini. What is old is new again with a mid-century portable bar, fully stocked with drink-mixing tools and decanters. It’s also perfect for tailgating.  

There’s no need to wing it when it comes to this 29-1/2″ wide Mobile gasoline Pegasus logo neon sign. It sold for $424.95 in March 2018.

Now let’s flip the switch on a fun decorative idea for a Father’s Day gift.  Whether your Dad hangs out in the basement, garage, attic or shed, a neon sign would be an absolutely electrifying addition to his personal man-cave. Many commercial signs were produced for bars, restaurants, and gas stations to advertise famous brands, and are as interesting to view turned off as turned on. 

Celebrate all the good times with Dad with a vintage watch. This mid-1970’s Evel Knievel watch is in working condition and has its original white band and lugs. It sold for $300 in February 2018.

Celebrate all the times that Dad was there for you with an up to the minute vintage watch as a Father’s Day gift. Perhaps even one featuring one of his childhood idols?  Evel Knievel, the stunt performer famous for daring motorcycle jumps, once said, “Bones heal, pain is temporary, and chicks dig scars.” ‘Nuff said.  

Rebekah Kaufman is a Worthologist who specializes in vintage Steiff and other European plush collectibles.  You can follow her blog, which focuses on vintage Steiff finds, Steiff antiquing and travel adventures, international Steiff happenings, and the legacy and history of the Steiff company at http://mysteifflife.blogspot.com.  Sign up for her Steiff newsletter by contacting her directly at steifflife@gmail.com.

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