How Much are Those Christmas Decorations Worth? Don’t Pack Them Up Just Yet!

Before you start packing away the Christmas decorations, we thought it might be interesting to see what some of those decorations are worth.  We searched through our Worthopedia and discovered that there are over 350,000 listings for vintage Christmas decorations! Take a look at the ones we highlighted below and see if you have any of these items in your own Christmas collection.  You might be surprised at the treasures you own, or even better, you might be able to sell them and PAY for Christmas next year!

Let’s start with the basics–an old fashioned, vintage aluminum Christmas tree.  How many of you remember growing up with one of these in your living room? If you are lucky, you still have the family tree. The tree in the photo below sold for $2500, and the owner even included the beautiful pink mercury glass ornaments.

What a find!! This rare Evergleam PINK Aluminum Christmas Tree, 7 feet tall, 100 branches, original stand and instructions included with the original box and sleeves sold for $2500 in 2012. The owner even included the beautiful pink mercury glass ornaments!

Speaking of mercury glass ornaments, let’s see how much they can be worth. During the 1840’s, the first glass ornaments called “kugels” appeared in Germany.  Kugel is the German word for ball, and collectors now use the term to refer to early, thick, glass, rounded ornaments with a cap on the end.  If you have any of these early kugel ornaments, you are in luck! The beautiful red kugel ornament in the photo below sold for over $1500.

This gorgeous red mercury glass kugel sold for $1535.25 in 2017.

Many of you might just have some vintage Shiny Bright ornaments on your tree.  Shiny Bright produced most of America’s most popular Christmas ornaments in the 1940s and 50s. There are actually over 11,000 Shiny Bright listings in our Worthopedia! The gorgeous lot of ornaments in the photo below sold for $550 in 2018.

This large collection of vintage Shiny Bright Christmas tree ornaments sold for$550 in Sept. 2018.

If you aren’t into big trees with lots of ornaments, then you might have one of these little ceramic gems. This adorable vintage ceramic tree below sold for a little over $30.

Vintage 11″ ceramic Christmas tree sold for $31.24 in November 2018.

How about that vintage elf that you have had since you were a small child?  Someone could snatch him up to use for Elf on the Shelf!  The adorable elf in the photo below sold for $10.

This vintage Christmas elf sold for $10 in 2016.

Everyone loves a Christmas village to set the mood for Christmas.  The various pieces of the village make great collectibles, and some collections sold as a whole can bring a fortune! A collection of pieces like the one below sold for $7000 in 2017.

The entire collection of these village pieces sold for $7000 in 2017.

Finally, how many of you have a beautiful nativity scene that you have had for years?  If it happens to be an Italian made wood nativity by Anri – Ulrich Bernardi, you might be more willing to part with it!  The 21 piece set below sold for over $4700 in December 2015.

This original Anri – Ulrich Bernardi 21 piece Nativity Scene with manger sold for $4750 in 2015.

So folks, before the packing away of decorations begins, just for fun, go to the Worthopedia and search for different vintage Christmas items.  If you are like us, you will be amazed at all the listings for each item, AND you will be stunned at the price points of some of these pieces.  All you have to do is put the name of your item (the more specific, the better) in the search bar and wait for the magic to happen.   If you don’t know where to start, simply click here and over 300,000 items will appear.  Have fun!

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