Lt. Reichard’s WWII Diary – February 15, 1943

Lt. Reichard’s WWII Diary Project and Recap: On January 1, 2009, WorthPoint began a three year project following the life of a WWII soldier through the daily pages of his diary. To read about the inception of this project, or to add your own comments, click here.

Recap: We first met Lt. Reichard in January, stationed at McClellan Air Base in Sacramento, where he was in charge of a motor pool unit.  Expecting to be sent overseas, their orders were changed and they became restless to see action.  Lt. Reichard’s sweetheart, Ginny, would write frequently, and he would go to dinner and movies with local girls – Dorothy, in Sacramento, and Marie, when the unit moved to Gowen Field in Boise, Idaho.  The men have spent their days in lectures, and physical demonstrations to try to keep sharp mentally and physically.    But they are getting increasingly restless.

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Transcript of Diary Entry   February 15, 1943

Monday, February 15, 1943

Gowen Fieid, Boise, Idaho

This morning I had Sgt. Eggleston get the dimensions for the boxes we will need. The engineers will get them made up for us tomorrow. I am getting to be more a mother to those boys than a C.O. Today I made appointments for Eggleston’s wife out here at the hospital for a prenatal exam. It saves him about five dollars each time and is the best care she could get. I never will forget the day he came to me and told me something had slipped and he was going to have a baby. I told him he would look a little silly having a baby. He was scared. For a man who has never been married and is pretty much of a ____ I can deal out a lot of fatherly advice. Now I have five expectant fathers and one new father in this outfit. You should want such a job! What I need is a furlough. Some day, who knows.
Well this afternoon we made the arrangements to go out on the range tomorrow. Some how or other we are going to fire for a record if it kills me. Watched it rain all day. Well another plane cracked up this morning. Luckily no one was hurt badly. They all walked away from the plane. The plane? Well junk brings good money and a B-17 is no small job. This evening I decided to stay in and try to write some letters. I forgot to send Dorothy a valentine and now have to talk my way out of some trouble.

Good Night

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The Day That Was: February 15, 1943

• Maj. Gen. Iran C. Eaker was appointed commanding general of the 8th United States Army Air Force (USAAF) in the United Kingdom, succeeding Maj. Gen. Carl Spaatz. (

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Diary transcription: Kathleen Long

Diary photos: Claudia Forbes

Video production: Alison Harder

Narration: Mountain VIsta H.S. Theater Department

Jeremy Goldson, Department Chair; Sean McGill – voice of Lt. Reichard

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