Lt. Reichard’s WWII Diary – January 12, 1943

Introduction by Will Seippel, CEO – Lt. Reichard began writing a diary on January 1, 1943. In February, he bought a camera and began taking some photos. For the next three years, he wrote almost every day. When I started reading his diary, I thought it should be shared and that perhaps WorthPoint’s community of collectors, people like me who are intrigued by the past, might find the diary as fascinating as I did. (To read Will Seippel’s entire introduction,  click here)

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January 12, 1943 Diary Page  (click to enlarge)

January 12, 1943 Diary Page (click to enlarge)

Transcript of diary entry January 12, 1943

Tuesday, January 12, 1943

Gowen Fieid, Boise, Idaho

Yesterday was a busy one. Of course there were the first four hours from 6 to ten that I enjoy unintentionaly but nevertheless enjoyed. I slept. When I went to bed last night I forgot to set the alarm and this weather up here is wonderful for sleeping so I over slept. That was bad though because I had so much to do. Well any way I got up and went over to the barracks which are just one block over from mine, which is handy. We are trying to get office equipment and is that a job here. At McClellan all you had to do was write out a requisition and you had all the desks and so forth you needed. Here they just don’t have them. This field is supposed to be one of the best organized in the west. If rules made organization then it would be true. However that isn’t the case and evidence to the contrary is everywhere. I have never been anywhere where the trucks were in a worse condition. In the afternoon I took Sgt. W______ and three other men down town to pick up the four trucks that were to be assigned to us. After checking them over we brought them out. The 6×6 G.M.C. had no outer _____ but I’ll try to get them this P.M. The rest of the afternoon was spent signing for buildings and making out reports. This evening I got dressed and went in town. I don’t think much of it but might change my mind before I leave. Not much to it ___ _____ About the size of Stanton, Va. from my first glance. I came out about twelve.

“Good Night”

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The Day That Was: January 12, 1943

• The Red Army began an offensive to restore land communications with the encircled city of Leningrad. In the east, German Heeeresgruppe A continued its withdrawal from the Caucasus to the Taman Peninsula, i.e. the Kuban bridgehead. (

• The Japanese 18th Army’s commander, General Adachi, ordered the evacuation of Sanananda in New Guinea. About 2,000 troops escaped by sea or on foot by the end of the battle. The Allies had nearly given up hope of winning this battle when it became clear that most of the Japanese had left. ( • U.S. forces occupied Amchitka in the Aleutians. The destroyer USS Worden (DD-352) was grounded and sunk at Amchitka, and PT-28 was grounded and sunk in Dora Harbor, Alaska. Japanese patrol boat No.1 was sunk by the submarine USS Guardfish (SS-217) near New Ireland. ( • In the U.S., frankfurters were replaced by Victory Sausages, a mix of meat and soy meal. (

Production Credits:

Diary transcription:  Kathleen Long

Diary photos:  Claudia Forbes

Video production:  Alison Harder

Narration:  Mountain VIsta H.S. Theater Department
Jeremy Goldson, Department Chair;  Sean McGill – voice of Lt. Reichard

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