Lt. Reichard’s WWII Diary – January 13, 1943

Introduction by Will Seippel, CEO – Lt. Reichard began writing a diary on January 1, 1943. In February, he bought a camera and began taking some photos. For the next three years, he wrote almost every day. When I started reading his diary, I thought it should be shared and that perhaps WorthPoint’s community of collectors, people like me who are intrigued by the past, might find the diary as fascinating as I did. (To read Will Seippel’s entire introduction,  click here)

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January 13, 1943 Diary Page  (click to enlarge)

January 13, 1943 Diary Page (click to enlarge)

Transcript of diary entry January 13, 1943

Wednesday, January 13, 1943

Gowen Fieid, Boise, Idaho

Well this morning I got up early enough. I set the alarm for seven and got up then although it sure looked like three out side instead of seven. It’s dark here until eight thirty. Today we nearly finished checking over all the equipment. I signed for all __. M. stuff and the first thing in the morning I’ll get the shipping tickets signed on all company equipment. Sgt. Frazier has already started on his requisition for all equipment not on hand. I’m not taking chances on waiting for results on the old requisitions because any thing could have happened to them and probably did. We are on warning and movement orders again and should not be here long so we are going to have to step some to get ready.

I’m not going to tell mother or Virginia this time until we actually start out because Ive had it canceled several times already. I went up to finance office and had my voucher made out for travel pay and got a blank form for my monthly pay which I don’t expect to collect on this side. I had the men take the trucks we drew yesterday from the garage over to the shop and service them completely. One of them still had summer oil in it so you could hardly shift gears. All the trucks on this field that I’ve seen are in terrible condition. I called Sacramento about the trouble Ray is having with the new officer. The trouble with Ray is that he doesn’t want to push himself or use his own initiative so always calls on me. That’s bad.

“Good Night”

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The Day That Was: January 13, 1943

• The Nazi Germans brutally suppressed dissent in occupied Bulgaria, executing 36 anti-Nazi protesters in the capital of Sofia. (

• The German submarine U-507 was sunk by naval land-based aircraft (VP-83) off Brazil. U-507 had been particularly effective, having sunk 10 ships before meeting its bloody end. (

• General Leclerc’s Free French forces merged with the British under Montgomery in Libya. (

Production Credits:

Diary transcription:  Kathleen Long

Diary photos:  Claudia Forbes

Video production:  Alison Harder

Narration:  Mountain VIsta H.S. Theater Department
Jeremy Goldson, Department Chair;  Sean McGill – voice of Lt. Reichard

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