Lt. Reichard’s WWII Diary – January 26, 1943

Introduction by Will Seippel, CEO – Lt. Reichard began writing a diary on January 1, 1943. In February, he bought a camera and began taking some photos. For the next three years, he wrote almost every day. When I started reading his diary, I thought it should be shared and that perhaps WorthPoint’s community of collectors, people like me who are intrigued by the past, might find the diary as fascinating as I did. (To read Will Seippel’s entire introduction, click here)

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January 26, 1943 Diary Page  (click to enlarge)

January 26, 1943 Diary Page (click to enlarge)

Transcript of diary entry   January 26, 1943

Tuesday,  January 26, 1943

Gowen Fieid, Boise, Idaho

Well this morning I called the men together and I really worked them over. They have had it coming because they have let down in their military more than just a little. Our set up here has made it quite difficult to carry on as a military unit and the sooner we get to where we belong and get on our regular job the better I’m going to like it. When I finished Sgt. Enright took it up. One thing I’ve put a stop to is this business of everyone coming to me with their troubles. They are supposed to see the field Sgt. then if he sees fit they come to me. They are doing entirely too much complaining. There are a few gold bricks that want to mess the whole thing up. I’ve given orders that those men will be taken care of. I think they will be.

This afternoon we did some tumbling. The running dive type. We had it as process of elimination and the final dive was 7′ 6″. That is quite a dive in any man’s language. This morning they had more lectures. I called Engineers about the packing lumber they were supposed to get us. They don’t have it yet. This is a hell of a field to get anything done. I got a letter from Sacramento today from ________. She says she is going to get a job and work for a month or so. I wonder if all is right. This evening I went in town, saw a bum show and came out early.

Good Night

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The Day That Was: January 26, 1943

• The submarine USS Wahoo (SS-238) sank an entire group of Japanese ships north of New Guinea—two freighters, one transport and one tanker. (

• The Stalingrad pocket was split in two and Voronezh captured. (

• The 8th Army took Zaula in Libya, less than 100 miles from Tunisian frontier. (

• Japanese aircraft strafed Costantine Harbor on Amchitka Island in the Aleutians. (

Production Credits:
Diary transcription: Kathleen Long

Diary photos: Claudia Forbes

Video production: Alison Harder

Narration: Mountain VIsta H.S. Theater Department

Jeremy Goldson, Department Chair; Sean McGill – voice of Lt. Reichard

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