Video: Making the Most of Your Holiday Thrifting Buys

Jason T. Smith of Thrifting with the Boys explains how to buy low and sell high, with an emphasis on holiday items.

Bryan Goodman and Jason T. Smith of Thrifting with the Boys—who offer tips on buying low at thrift shops and reselling for profit on eBay—talk with WorthPoint’s Christina Kapusta in their inaugural Holiday Hangout.

Jason and Bryan explain how they use WorthPoint to get the most from the items they buy and sell, with a particular focus on holiday items. Check it out:


Bryan Goodman and Jason Smith are Thrifting with the Boys. They are motivational speakers teaching thrift store resourcing techniques at seminars throughout the country. They have a popular Facebook group devoted only to thrifting and have run thrifting excursions around the country.

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