1972 Dolphins: Collectibles from a Perfect Season

Football fans know who the 1972 Dolphins are. They are the only team to complete a perfect season culminating in a Super Bowl win. Other teams have accomplished perfect regular seasons, but they’ve always fallen short in the playoffs (see the New England Patriots of last year.)

The further we get from this historic accomplishment, the likelier it seems their record will hold up. It just seems too difficult to completely run the table in today’s NFL season. It’s a long, grueling season, and any team can win on a given Sunday.

Of course, any time a historic moment occurs in sports, there are many collectibles produced to document it.

Here are a few of my favorite collectibles from the 1972 Miami Dolphins perfect season.

– 1972 Dolphins Team Signed Helmet- This collectible contains the signatures of 8 vital members of the 72’ perfect team. Some of the more notable names on this helmet include Don Shula, bob Griese, and Jim Langer. To me, this autographed helmet is a collector’s dream. No other team has accomplished what these guys have. This collectible is valued at just over $800.

– Don Shula Autographed Orange Bowl Seat 17-0- I’m a sucker for unique collectibles. Any NFL collection is brimming with signed helmets, footballs, and cards, but few can boast an autographed Orange Bowl seat from legendary Dolphins coach Don Shula. The Orange Bowl was the venue for the 1972 perfect season. This collectible is a seat from the stadium with an autograph from Don Shula and the inscription “17-0.” For all discerning collectors, this piece can be purchased for around $300.

– Super Bowl Program- At Super Bowl VII, the 72 Dolphins completed their run toward football history. They did what no other team before or after them has done. They completed the perfect NFL season. Since I always talk about how much I love programs from great sporting events, it’s only logical that I’d include a Super Bowl program from the perfect season on this list. If you can find one preserved in good condition, I highly recommend picking it up. You’ll be holding a piece of football history in your hands!