3 Best Ways to Sell Your Baseball Cards

One thing many collectors struggle with is finding an avenue for selling their unwanted items. It can be hard to find people interested in your product and that will pay you a fair price for it. From personal experience, I can tell you there is little more frustrating than when someone tries to get something for the price of nothing. As collectors, we all know what our set is worth, and the last thing we want to deal with is someone trying to tell us how much they feel like paying for it. In light of this, I have come up with a list of my 3 favorite ways to sell baseball cards.

  1. Flea Market/ Antique Village- Growing up, I did the majority of my selling at a local flea market and antique village. I would go with my parents who would rent out a booth to sell some of their own items, and I would put the cards I wanted to sell out on the table. In the days leading up to my trip to the flea market, I would conduct diligent research determining the value of my cards and how much I wanted to sell them for. It is important to know what you want for each card and to make sure you don’t settle for a lesser price. For the most part, the customers at antique villages tend to provide a good selling experience. Sure, there will be some negotiation, but they typically respect you as a collector and don’t try to undervalue your collection.
  2. Auction- Local auctions provide a great avenue for baseball card collectors to sell their valuables. Many auction houses have weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly events. The clientele are typically knowledgeable collectors that are looking for pieces to supplement their assortment. Auctions that have good sized crowds can help you get good value for your items. The reason for this is that the larger the crowd is, the more bidders there are to drive the price up. Additionally, selling your baseball cards this way is beneficial because it’s a hands-off experience for you. The auctioneer does all of the work, and you get to sit back and collect the reward.
  3. Online- In a market that is shifting online, sellers can adapt by selling their baseball cards on the internet. In the past, some sellers, such as me, have been wary of selling their items this way. You had to deal with buyers that would back out of the deal, complain about the condition of the items, and make the whole experience a nightmare. However, WorthPoint makes it easy for baseball card specialists to sell their items online.

Selling your baseball cards is an important step in maintaining your collection. It helps you eliminate the cards you no longer need and raise some money for future card purchases.

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