Across this Appraiser’s desk

As an Appraiser one here’s some pretty amazing stories about items from their owners, like great- great-great Uncle Jack’s sword from Bunker Hill, meat platters that were taken into Kentucky by Daniel Boone and copies of the Constitution found in an old trunk.

Sad to say though, 99 times out of a 100 the “Bunker Hil” sword is from Portugal, the meat platter was made 90 years after Boone shot his last bear, and the long lost copy of Constitution came in a soap box. This might seem discouraging to most, seeing all these relics debunked, but every now and again the real thing shows up.

The funny thing is that it’s not the family relic that turns out to be the most valuable item when doing a house call, in fact it is nearly always some item laying about unnoticed. This is the fun part of it all, is explaining to the home owner that the bowl the dog is eating out of is 19th Century Lambeth Art Pottery or the couch throw the cat is sleeping on is a Indian saddle blanket.

  • susan arndt

    Hi, for some time i’ve been told by friends that i should find out the value of a luis vuitton steamer trunk from paris, has stamped hardware, key, patent #SCDG has yellow and red stripes in front.For now it’s my t.v. stand “with a board on top to protect it” can you give me some ideas.? I did some research and found one but with green and yellow stripes in front. thanks susan

  • Karen Shiveley

    Help! I don’t know where to turn.
    I have an original 1994 South African ballot, framed, with all the candidates running including Nelson Mandela. It’s the first time Blacks were able to vote in their own country. I’d like to sell it.
    I can go on E-Bay but have no idea what it might be worth or how to succinctly identify it for that matter! Any help appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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