Aladdin Lamps by Model

An Aladdin  Lamp
Aladdin Lamp wick raising knob by Model Year

The Aladdin Mantel Lamp Co. was established by Victor S. Johnson in 1908. He enjoyed reading about the Arabian Nights series of books while young. As an adult he introduced a particular kind of indoor lamp that produced a rather soft white light and named the lamp Aladdin.

For the past 100 years, the Aladdin Mantel Lamp Co. has produced all manner of kerosene, oil, and electrical lamps, but each can be identified easily by a number stamped into the knob that is used to raise and lower the wick, except for the initial period of manufacture between 1909 and August 1913.

Since the very first lamp was sold by the company in 1909, there have been 17 different models produced. Some models are more collectable than others. Following are the Model Types and when they were sold:

Model 1 was sold between May 1909 and August 1910
Model 2 was sold between September 1909 and December 1910
Model 3 was sold between January 1911 and August 1912
Model 4 was sold between September 1912 and August 1913
Model 5 was sold between September 1913 and August 1914
Model 6 was sold between September 1914 and July 1917
Model 7 was sold between August 1917 and July 1919
Model 8 was sold between August 1919 and August 1920
Model 9 was sold between August 1920 and August 1922
Model 10 was sold between May 1921 and August 1922
Model 11 was sold between September 1922 and May 1928
Model 12 was sold between May 1928 and April 1935
Model A was sold between May 1932 and December 1932
Model B was sold between February 1933 and September 1955
Model C was sold between October 1955 and April 1963
Model 21C was sold between May 1963 and December 1969
Model 23 has been sold since December 1969.

Models 1, 3, and 10 are hard to find as collectibles while Models 6, 11 and 12 are rather common.

This is a very elementary way to begin collecting Aladdin Lamps. After all, light never goes out of style.

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