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A Lincoln Lamp with low power
Lincoln Drape Lamp
Brass Table Lamp
Lincoln Drape Lamp with Two Toned Drape

It has a long history of providing heat and warmth to generations of families since 1908. Today, many families around the world still rely on the Aladdin Mantel Lamp’s original use as a main source of light, as a secondary emergency source or as its main source of light in developing countries.

What makes an Aladdin Mantel Lamp unique is that its original patented design hasn’t changed much in nearly 100 years. Originally kerosene, now an odorless liquid fuel, is added to its reservoir and when its wick is lit produces a vapor that when mixed with oxygen produces a brilliant blue flame. A mantel above the blue flame converts the vapor into 60 candlepower of white light or the power of 60 candles lit at once. According to a scientific study, the white light of an Aladdin Mantel Lamp is considered close the effect of natural sunlight. It’s heat is just as prodigious as its light.

An Aladdin Mantel Lamp comes as a desk lamp, a hanging lamp, a student lamp, a decorative lamp and in so many different variety of shades, painted and otherwise, as to make a choice very difficult. Some of the photos will give you an example of the kinds of lamps that are sold today by Aladdin, but it will also allow you to recognize a unique Aladdin-style lamp as a collectible since the style has changed little since 1908.

As an exclusive dealer of Aladdin Mantel Lamps we are able to distinguish between a new or older version and whether it can be reconditioned for additional years of service.

Visit our website at for examples of Aladdin Mantel Lamps and let us answer any questions about any early version of this American-produced supplier of heat and warmth.

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