Answers to Presidential Collectibles Quiz

Here are the answers to the Presidential Collectibles: What’s It Worth Quiz

1. C. $225

2. B. $522

3. Because it is not particularly scarce, it’s C. $20 to $30, when in good condition

4. Not particularly scarce, but still unusual, the value is: C. $7 to $12

How did you do?

None right. Don’t despair. Visiting WorthPoint will take you to the top of the political-collectibles class in no time.

One right. One’s better than nothing. Try, try again.

Two right. Good job, but keep learning. WorthPoint is a great resource.

Three right. You’re practically at the top of the class. Aim for a perfect score next time.

Four right. Congratulations political-collectibles whiz.

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Climb aboard a Boeing 727 fuselage outfitted as the presidential quarters as it was aboard Reagan’s Air Force One, and have your photo taken behind the president’s desk in a replica of the Oval Office.

Worthologist Jim Warlick is taking some of the highlights from the American Presidential Experience exhibit that was held in Denver during the Democratic National Convention to Philadelphia.

In addition to the Oval Office photo opportunity and Air Force One fuselage, there will be presidential chairs, the famous Florida voting machine, presidential podium and political memorabilia from three centuries of American elections.

September 26-28, Philly Home Show, Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pa.

For more information, go to the Home Show Web site.