Antique English silver-plated candelabra (a pair)

I did post a blog a few weeks back, trying to date and identify this beautiful pair of silver-plated candelabra, standing approx 20 inches high. A lady called Anita suggested I try to find the maker’s name, but I don’t know where to look. Now I cannot find my original blog. These candelabra have been in my family (who originate from England) for many generations. During the 1970s I had them re-plated in England and have been told that they did an excellent job. Prior to doing this, there was a sort of coppery-coloured base metal showing through in some areas. I would be very grateful if someone could throw some light on these … how old are they? Where do I find the maker’s mark? What is the difference between “Georgian” and “Georgian style”. I look forward to receiving some responses and thank you in advance. If the maker’s mark is under the felt at the base of the candelabra, do I need to use a special glue to put the felt back on – in fact, what is the best way to remove the felt without damaging the felt? Thanks so much!

  • Erica

    Did you ever get an answer, I too have what seems to be the same candlelabra (I have 2 of the same), no markings, 20″ high – GORGEOUS. Can you send me a photo if you still have yours? I’m trying to find out the value of mine as well…THANKS!

  • Christy

    I have a similar problem. I was given a 5 lit candelabra from a friends mom. The arms move, there is no bottom, it does not look damaged in any way. There are no markings anywhere except for in one of the candle holders, and can be removed, it’s on a wax like tag and says “silver plated on zinc, made in England, and there is a large A in the center with what appears to be the number 3 next to it? I have been searching for a company name for some time and have had no answers.

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