Antique English silver-plated candelabra (a pair)

I did post a blog a few weeks back, trying to date and identify this beautiful pair of silver-plated candelabra, standing approx 20 inches high. A lady called Anita suggested I try to find the maker’s name, but I don’t know where to look. Now I cannot find my original blog. These candelabra have been in my family (who originate from England) for many generations. During the 1970s I had them re-plated in England and have been told that they did an excellent job. Prior to doing this, there was a sort of coppery-coloured base metal showing through in some areas. I would be very grateful if someone could throw some light on these … how old are they? Where do I find the maker’s mark? What is the difference between “Georgian” and “Georgian style”. I look forward to receiving some responses and thank you in advance. If the maker’s mark is under the felt at the base of the candelabra, do I need to use a special glue to put the felt back on – in fact, what is the best way to remove the felt without damaging the felt? Thanks so much!

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