Antique Hunting in Missouri: Part I

A nice piece of Royal Dux pottery.
A very cool antique broom display with four unused
My new treasure!  An unmarked piece of Zanesville pottery in a matte green glaze
My wife and I had a discussion over this 1950's lamp about how some items can be
Detailed shot of the marked handguard on the 1860 sword
Full-view shot of the vintage western kerchief.  I was going to buy this until I unfolded it and saw that a mouse had vandalized it.
Pickers has a lot of hand tools.  Here are some jack planes.
Detailed shot of vintage western kercheif
My wife modeling a 1860 Model Light Cavalry Sword.
Antique doll with eyes that follow you to your car.
Pressed tin candle latern with great patina.
Immacuate antique bull dog with leash.  This stuffed animal would be a

On the way home from the Ft Leavenworth Militaria Show in Kansas, I stopped at a few antique shops in Missouri. Over the years, I have had good luck in Missouri and many of my scores have been at the W.D. Pickers Antique Mall located in Platte City, MO (

Although Pickers is technically a consignment mall, it is notches above franchise chains like The Brass Armadillo. Pickers is the best of both worlds because it has the quaintness and charm of a small shop, coupled with a large quantity of antiques and collectibles. When I walk down the isles, I do not get the impression that the inventory is picked over junk that has been collecting dust for a decade on a dealer’s shelf. I’ve watched numerous malls turn into ghost towns, but Pickers is like a time capsule to pre-ebay days.

Once again, Pickers did not disappoint me. I collect Arts and Crafts pottery in matte green glazes, and I was fortunate to find another unmarked piece of Zanesville. It has a beautiful shape with no condition issues (outside of the factory). Even though the type of Zanesville I enjoy collecting is not technically “art pottery”, it has personality and humanness in the form of glaze pops and runs, as well as color variations because the glazes were hand applied. Today, mass production does not tolerate “defects” like this.

Pickers has something for everyone. I included images of items that caught my eye for one reason or another. I hope you enjoy viewing them and consider visiting this shop if you are ever in the area.

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