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I was looking for a way to be lazy today and I found one. You see, my partner, Cindy, asked if I could do a simple blog today, because she has family in town and isn’t going to have a lot of time to devote to it. Along came Howie. Howie Schechter is a collector of silver bookmarks and has a collection of over 1,000 antique and vintage bookmarks.

Bookmarks are items that have never caught my attention. I always thought there weren’t enough different ones to have a real collection. Boy, was I wrong, as Howie has proven. If I ever find a very nice silver bookmark for a small amount of money, now I will add it to my inventory. I never paid much attention to them before.

Today’s picture is of a bookmark that came in a box of Cracker Jack and is now part of Howie’s collection. In addition to appealing to bookmark collectors, this would be of great appeal to Cracker Jack Collectors. While Howie’s collection is mainly silver, he has many interesting book marks made of different materials such as brass, bronze, copper, lucite, enamel, pewter and many others. I encourage you to read the story of how Howie got started collecting book marks, and then take a tour through his very interesting site.

Here’s Howie: Silver Bookmarks – The World’s Largest Online Collection

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