Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: The $10-Million Gold Coin Hoard Find

The finest-known example of the 1866-S “No Motto” Type I $20 Liberty was the gem out of the some 1,400 gold coins found by a Northern California couple buried on their property. The coin could claim more than $1 million at auction. The overall value of the “Saddle Hill Hoard” treasure is roughly $10 million.

In this edition of the Antiques Auction Forum, I host an exciting interview with Kagins Inc.’s, Donald Kagin, PhD, and David McCarthy, who are handling a once-in-a-century find—The Saddle Ridge Hoard; $10-million worth of rare gold coins—that was buried sometime in the late 1800s and recently discovered by a couple out walking their dog on their own property in Northern California. Listen in for a behind-the-scenes account of this unprecedented event and how it will unfold.

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Martin Willis is Worthologist, auctioneer and director of decorative arts for James D. Julia Auctioneers for the Boston region. You can hear his podcasts at the at Antique and Auction Forum, featuring interviews with key players in the antiques and collecbles trade.

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