Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: Martin Kemp and the newly Discovered Da Vinci Work

“La Bella Principessa.”

In this week’s Antiques Auction Forum podcast, Martin Willis talks with Martin Kemp, who discusses where science meets art to uncover the “La Bella Principessa,” a Leonardo Da Vinci work that was nearly unattributed and lost through time.

Listen in to hear how a $21,000 German 19th-century portrait can turn into a work by the Old Master himself and be worth over a purported $100 million! Be sure to check out Kemp’s website.

Listen here:


Martin Willis is Worthologist, auctioneer and director of decorative arts for James D. Julia Auctioneers for the Boston region. You can hear his podcasts at the at Antique and Auction Forum, featuring interviews with key players in the antiques and collectibles trade.

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