Approaching The Brooch

Amber and Topaz Rhinestone Vintage 50's Brooch
Deco Era Floral Brooch Clear Rhinestones Pot Metal
Vintage Diamante Estate Brooch

Girls let’s get glamorous for the up coming holidays and add a little glitz for those parties and special evenings out. Men love it when we look special and you will feel great too.
So lets talk vintage brooches they’re great to add that extra touch to a dress, jacket, or the lapel of your favorite dressy coat. You can find them in beautiful diamante encrusted stones or sparkling colored rhinestones. Gold and silver metals look nice if you don’t want to much glitter. Every size imaginable is available and if you like animals birds or butterflies you’re bound to find some really great ones. They can be found on the Internet vintage jewelry shops or antique shops usually carry an array of vintage and antique jewelry.

One thing for certain, vintage will give you a look of quality, beauty and workmanship that you won’t find in today’s modern selections. Vintage brooches and other vintage jewelry were made with Austrian and Czech stones and designed by top talented designers so you will be getting a beautiful piece of vintage jewelry at a reasonable price.

Brooches have been popular throughout history and used for the same purposes as embellishments and fasteners as we use them today.
There are so many ways to wear them. That pretty special evening dress will look great with one at the V neck or on the shoulder or even at the waist line and don’t for get you could place one on the belt of a skirt or dress, or if your dress has a back V neckline. Imagine how elegant one would look there.

Here are some other tips on ways to wear brooches, you could put one on a suit collar or your favorite winter coat or on a pretty blouse. They’re great to fasten a scarf around the neck or bring the tied sections of the scarf over and pin near the shoulder. A soft fabric purse is another place a vintage brooch looks great. If your not the dress up type gal try wearing several on your jean jacket. Be creative!

After the holidays are over don’t tuck those beauties away never to be seen again. Keep them handy to wear again and again. Guaranteed you’ll have compliments galore. And isn’t it nice when someone notices something special about you.

We would be glad to have you visit our shop Glamour n Glitz Vintage Jewelry, you’re sure to find a special brooch or some other pretty jewelry you can’t live without. We have a selection of vintage and antique jewelry that will surprise and delight you. And we will be glad to answer any questions you might have about our jewelry. Happy Holidays!!

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