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An auto interior flower vase

Automobile Flower Vases

By David Bausch

The flower vase is both an automobile accessory and an object of auto art. The flower vase added a touch of elegance to a rather dull interior of many of the cars of the 1920’s.

While many of the expensive sedans and limousines sported flower vases as part of standard equipment, the more common automobile lacked that grace. So, companies like Sears offered flower vases in their auto supply section of their catalogue. The prices of such elegance would cost in a range of 75cents to more than $3, depending on the quality of glass and the engraving and the mounting frame. I have a pair of sterling silver vases that are embossed with automobile scenes, and to be sure it was a custom design and was quite expensive. The vases come in many designs and colors including carnival glass, green, blue, Vaseline, amber, mercury glass and other colors I have not seen in my years of collecting.

Prices rage from $10 to $65, depending upon the quality of the item. As always, condition is important.

Caution: Just because the vase is cone-shaped, it doesn’t always mean it was designed for an automobile. Many glass vases of similar shape were made to be used in epergnes. Most car vases were small and had a ridge for the bracket that held the vase. Try and collect vases with their brackets for easy display. Some of the brackets are quite decorative with etched designs.

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