Where can i get information on old 1700 and 1800 bibles. I have a 1865 new testament translated out of the original greek.It has a brown cover with engraving on it. Ialso have a book of three narrative poems coleridge the rime of the ancient mariner,arnold sorab and rustum and tennyson enoch arden 1898.Also there is a first edition of Polly of the Circus 1908.are any of these of any value? Thank you for your help.

  • Tom Carrier

    Diane, you actually bring up a good idea for a blog, the values of historic old Bibles. Since the invention of moveable printing type in the late 15th century, the first book printed was the Bible. It has been a bestseller every year since. Curiously enough, cookbooks come in a close second.

    Still, there are certain eras where Bibles have significant value. For example, any book printed, not handwritten, before 1500 [called incunabula, would have a significant value. Any Bible printed before 1800 would have a higher value, too. Any Bible after 1800 until say, 1850s, has its own unique value and any Bibles from the 1850s until about 1900 would be even more unique. Once we enter the 20th century, the values will drop off.

    That is a generalization, of course. Bibles that carry family history whatever the time frame always has the highest value of that period. The geneology is that important. First editions of say the King James Bible, the Mormon Bible, or any other sect will always receive historical values.

    Your Bible may have a value, in good condition and without seeing an image of it, of about $35 to $50. It could be more if there is some other historical factor to it such as family history written inside, the publisher, its previous owners, etc.

  • Tom Carrier

    There were two publishers for the Polly of the Circus book you have, Dodd Mead & Co, and A.L. Burt Co. The fair market value of your book, in good condition would have a value of $10 to $25, but up to $40 in pristine condition if published by Dodd Mead & Co.

    As for the other books, I can’t tell if they are individual books or part of a series published as one book. That would make a difference. If it is one volume, what is the exact name of the book and the publisher.

  • Henry Goode

    I own the 1873 OA a Browning Famiiy Bible sold on eBay in 2008 with TA & Lida Rice name on it.
    What is it work now .
    Thank you

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