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At ballparks throughout the country, bobblehead collectibles are given out to fans who show up early. For instance, this year the Houston Astros will be giving out baseball bobbleheads of two local legends, Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell.

A bobblehead is a collectible doll with an out-of-proportion large head sitting on top of a small body. As a baseball memorabilia collector, bobblehead collectibles intrigue me because they seem to be just toys on the surface. However, many of these collectibles are worth a substantial amount of money. What follows is a list of some valuable baseball bobblehead dolls on the market.

1961 Mickey Mantle –
Many people don’t realize that baseball bobbleheads have been around for about half a century. A Mickey Mantle bobblehead was one of the first fashioned for a specific player. Originally, this wobbler sold for just $1. If only I had been alive back then, but I digress. In excellent condition, this Mickey Mantle bobblehead can fetch close to $1,000. Even if the bobblehead is chipped or flawed in some manner, it’s still estimated to be worth around $500.

1960’s Dodgers Weirdos –
The Los Angeles Dodger weirdo bobbleheads are some of the most interesting bobblehead collectibles you will ever see. These goofy-looking bobbing heads are incredibly rare and surprisingly valuable. The most expensive of this set are appraised at $5,000. And you thought they were just silly toys.

Houston Colt 45 Black Face –
From 1963 to 1965, a set of black-face baseball bobbleheads were issued representing 16 of the 20 major league teams at the time. Most of these dolls are very rare and valuable, but one of them stands apart from the crowd. The Houston Colt 45 doll is the most uncommonly found bobblehead, and its book value is upward of $10,000. One of the things that make this one unique is that, as the name suggests, this doll carries a pistol. The Houston Colt 45 wobbler may be the most highly sought after baseball bobblehead collectible.

The next time your child wants to arrive at the ball game early to pick up a bobblehead of his favorite player, you should consider the lessons taught in this article—giveaway collectibles can turn out to be quite valuable. Who knows? Your kid could end up with a very valuable investment.

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