Brimfield-Collector’s Show

Ever Seen These?
A real beauty of a military truck
Wooden Buddy L Circa 1942-48
Instruction Book Close-Up
With Original Instructions and $8.50 price tag
Incredible Specimen
Vintage Buddy L Truck
Brimfield Tin Toy Tank

I’m in collector heaven. Yes, I’m at the Brimfield Antique and Flea Market shows in you guessed it, Brimfield Massachusetts.

Brimfield is just a little town founded in 1731, the year before George Washington was born. Maybe 3,000 people live here. But three times a year the town the swells up as though it were on steroids.

During the next six days some 250,000 people will walk up and down the fields looking for bargains and bragging about what they’ve found. There are hundreds of acres of antiques, as 5000 dealers have spread out their wares on tables and under tents. But it’s not all about buying. It’s about meeting people, getting your name out and sharing information. That’s one of the things I like about Brimfield, people help each other.

Anne Marie Fitzpatrick, Sales Director at Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC, has a tent adjacent to ours. She came over to borrow an extension cord. As soon as I saw her tent I was suffering from signage envy. Collectibles has signs that are about 7′ tall, on rollers and they look like doors and windows into the site. When I told her how much I admired them, she told me that originally she’d priced them out at $5,000 but figured out a way to save $3,650. If you are interested, contact Anne at her web site

At Brimfield, just like any other large event, people-watching is one of the favorite sports. Last year I saw people with big billboards hanging from ropes around their necks with lists of what they wanted to buy. This year I’ve seen people on Segways, and others on bicycles that have been modified with home-made trailers that are jammed full of the antiques and collectibles they’ve purchased. At Brimfield everyone seems to have a story or at least a smile on their face and why not? After all, we are all saving a little piece of history and making a buck at the same time.

My real passion is marbles, but I haven’t had time to find my good buddy Mike, who sells marbles, but I know he’s here and I’ll try to find him sometime later this week.

My favorite place so far is Satanchia’s Menagerie, which is great. It’s a big tent full of toys, and the owner Allan Jung, knows as much about wooden Buddy L trucks as anybody I’ve ever come across. My favorite was circa 1942-1948, and I’m still considering it. I just need to figure out if can really convince my wife that I bought her a $295 Buddy L truck for a present. Santanchia’s is located in Lexington, North Carolina.

Parking was ok early Tuesday morning. I had no problem finding a parking spot, but a couple of my colleagues showed up at 10 and it took them twenty minutes to find a spot. But who cares? This is Brimfield! Whatever you want in the antiques and collectible world, you are bound to find it here. And even if you don’t find what you are looking for, you’ll meet people from all over the world who are as passionate about collecting as you are.

People think of Brimfield as one big show but it is actually 21 shows in one. Here the shows are called fields, and each has its own manager, its own style, and its own rules.

You can find me at Central Park Antique Shows, a field that is managed by Patricia and Robert Waite. I’m at the WorthPoint tent. Stop by and say hello. My job is to show people how our site works for collectors, buyers and sellers. I have some terrific videos to share, and I’m interested in knowing what’s on your mind. I’m getting an ear full about how eBay has forgot that we are their customers!

I’m telling folks to come to our site and try the buy/sell board. There are no commissions and no fees but there is a subscription cost if you want to buy and sell on the site. The prices is very reasonable and there’s a plan that fits everyone from newbies to professional businesses. Pretty much everyone seems to like the price.

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