Brimfield premier of Mothballs a comedy about the antiques biz

Thanks to Dan Borsey and Worthpoint for the big screen!
We the dealers!

As hoped for, Chris McCallion the producer of Mothballs had a full tent for the Brimfield premier of his feature film about the antiques trade called Mothballs.
I’m not a movie critic but I know what I like and the flick was a lot of fun, it kept everyone in the tent laughing and at times, shocked them.
The antiques dealers stereotypes in the movie were nailed by Chris, as I looked around at the people watching the movie I saw them reacting wtih agreement and beaming amusement.
The story takes place in Brimfield itself, it’s a comedic and at the same time accurate look at our business. How can you go wrong when you have an Alien, a little person, a kangaroo and a magic box?
I don’t want to give too much about the story away because Chris hasn’t actually released the film for distribution yet, but I bet that when you see it you recognize most of the characters in the story as those you see every day in flea markets, antiques shows and auction halls throughout the country.
What we saw last night, was a rough cut, Mr McCallion hopes to have the final version out soon. Once the final cut is ready I hope to have some available at
All of the dealers were happy to see one of our own aspire to such heights and were delighted to see a movie about our line of work. It’s about damn time we get a little attention!
Chris’s Mothballs movie wasn’t the only class act of the night though. There are some people who should be thanked for their generous spirit. Here’s who they are and how they helped. provided the screen
The extra large viewing area was provided by the two dealers inQua Quaker Acres, booths 14&15 of the show,
Brain Harvey has booth 14. He makes the coolest bird houses I’ve ever seen. They are fashioned out of automobile license plates. Each is numbered and Brian has a network of people who call in when birds arrive in spring and are thus registered with an address!
He makes them to order and will build one out of license plates from your home state.
If your a bird watcher why not give Brian a call at (207) 369-0237
Thanks to Brian, we had a comfortable place to sit, free popcorn and pizza!
From Mason-Dixon Memories -1-860-388-3137
Booth 15 was Jim from Jim’s Cartoon Glasses and Related Items a Divisioin of Mason-Dixon Memories. Jim has an awesome selectionof cartoon items.
He’s in Old Saybrook, CT at 1-860-388-3137 or 1-860-388-2867. Whether your looking for Looney Tunes or Sylvester & Tweety, I’ll bet Jim has it. Give him a call.
Thanks to Jim as well for the space, popcorn and pizza as well!
When my friend, Dan Borsey from heard about the movie, he generously donated the use of the Worthpoint extra large display screen for the viewing. Without it, the tent full of us would have been huddled around a 22 inch screen trying to see and hear.
These are all people who had a long hard work week, and yet jumped at the opportunity to help a fellow dealer turned movie producer. I was proud of us all!
If you visit Brimfield in May of 09, please take a minute to seek out these people and shake their hands.
Maybe I’ll see you then!
The distribution details for the film haven’t been worked out yet, but Chris has promised to give me a heads up when they are ready, and I’ll pass along the information in this column and at

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