Broadway Joe Collectibles Still Winners with Fans

In today’s NFL, it’s commonplace for an athlete to say things that cause a stir in the media. Just look at Terrell Owens. Or Chad Johnson. Or in the 90’s, Deion Sanders.

But things weren’t always like this. Back in the day, most players flew under the radar and always said the right things.

Then, along came Joe Namath. In my mind, Namath is the first NFL media star. The guy had the presence of any rock and roll star. He knew how to command attention wherever he went.

But to say “Broadway Joe” was just a publicity hound is to sell his career short. Make no mistake about it, Namath loved to talk, but he also loved to play the game of football. And he was pretty darn good at it. Enough so be selected to 5 Pro Bowls, win a Super Bowl, win 2 MVP awards, have his Jets number retired, and be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

As a result of both his huge personality and his on-field success, Joe Namath collectibles are always in steady demand.

Here are a few of the more commonly sought after collectibles.

– New York Jets Signed Helmet- Joe Namath played all but his final season with the New York Jets. He’s certainly the most well known player in the history of the team. For this reason, fans love to collect Jets helmets autographed by the outspoken quarterback. Namath autographed helmets are sold regularly for $600.

– 1969 Team Signed Photograph- One of Namath’s most renowned moments was when he guaranteed his team would win Super Bowl III. Fans and media got in a frenzy over the prediction, and Namath lived up to his word capturing the title. A team signed picture of this momentous occasion makes for a great collectible. It also makes for an expensive on as they regularly sell for close to $1000.

– Joe Namath Signed Super Bowl III Program- If you’ve followed this blog at all, you know how much I love programs. They are flimsy documents that fans can get their hands on, but I think they make for great collectibles. They document important moments in the history of sports. Unfortunately, they are rarely preserved properly. A signed Joe Namath Super Bowl III program is a unique collectible that would stand out in any collection. It’s value is just over $300 making it an affordable piece for most collectors.

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