Chicago Cubs Collectibles: Home-Run Investments

As memorabilia collectors, we are always looking for that next great investment. Sure, we acquire collectibles because we genuinely love them, but most of us usually have financial incentives in mind when we buy them.

In the sports-collectibles world, there are several things you can look for to determine if an item is a wise investment. One of the best ways to gauge a collectible’s value is to consider the popularity of the team the item represents.

In baseball, there are a few teams whose collectibles are considered more valuable. You can probably guess a couple of the teams like the Yankees and the Red Sox. But did you know the Chicago Cubs collectibles are also great investments?

Here are three reasons Chicago Cubs collectibles are so popular.

1. Historic Franchise and Stadium—The Chicago Cubs are one of the only two original National League franchises still playing today. That makes them an important part of baseball history. They have also played their home games in Wrigley Field since 1916. In an era when so many teams are building extravagant new stadiums, Wrigley Field represents the historic fields that are the foundation of this great sport. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular venues in the entire sports universe.

2. Television—The Chicago Cubs were one of the first teams whose games were available on a consistent basis throughout the entire country. Other teams usually broadcasted just a few of their games to the local audience. The Cubs, on the other hand, had their games televised on WGN, a national cable-television station. For this reason, people became Cubs’ fans because that was the team they could watch day in and day out.

3. Lovable Losers—One could argue that the more the Cubs lose, the more popular they become. They have often been referred to as baseball’s “lovable losers.” It has been 100 years since the Chicago Cubs won their last World Series title. Baseball folklore claims the franchise is cursed. Every time they make it to the playoffs, the team and its fans have their collective heart ripped out. This perpetual heartbreak has added an air of mystery to the franchise and has gone a long way to increasing its popularity. Diehard Cubbies fans know that being five games ahead of Milwaukee in mid-August doesn’t mean a thing come the end of September.

Chicago Cubs team collectibles will always be in high demand. The franchise is legendary, and you can’t go wrong with investing in a piece of its memorabilia. Just ask Worthologist Howard Lau who said Chicago Cubs’ collectibles are typically valued around 20% higher than collectibles from less-popular teams.

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