Coins of India Republic

25 Grammes Reverse
25 Grammes, 0.9990 silver, 0.8033 ozasw, Proof Observe
10 Grammes, Reverse
10 Grammes, 0.990 silver 0.3221 ozasw Proof Obverse and reverse
5 Grammes 0.990 silver, 0.1593 asw, Reverse large (shri) on spokes Proof coin.
5 Grammes 0.990 silver, 0.1593 asw, Obverse Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) standing facing swans at left, elephant at right
1/2 Tola, 0.09950 gold, 0.1881 oz agw, Reverse, Diamond fine gold, brilliant uncirculated, no date 1940s
1/2 Tola, 0.09950 gold, 0.1881 oz agw, Obverse 8 pointed badge, legend M.S.Manical, Chimanlal & Co. Bombay

Here are examples of coins of the India Republic. I purchased these coins 28 years ago at M.A. Storck Inc. in Portland, ME. At that time I was collecting coins of India. Since then, I have branched out to collecting world, USA coins and paper, as well as rare and unusual medals. I have included photographs of some of the India coins from my collection.

Source: Unusual World Coins by Colin R. Bruce,II.

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