A question I get from novice arms collectors is “What should I collect?”. My constant answer is “Collect What You Like”.

If you have an abiding interest in The Civil War, collect Civil War Arms. The diversity is amazing! There were over 600 types of firearms used by both sides during that War and you will never collect them all! But it’s fun to try!

If your interest is European Arms, you have almost 800 years of Firearms and thousands of years of edged weapons to choose from. The possibilities are endless.

Collect because you love history and the people who used these arms for good and bad long ago.

Collect for the innate beauty of the item and the technology it represents.

Collect because of the dealers and fellow students of Arms History you meet along the way. They are usually friendly and willing to lend a hand and an ear to a new collector!

Most of all have fun and read, read, read.

And, once you’ve decided what to collect and you’ve gotten started, let us here at WorthPoint know about it, too.

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