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If you like old clocks, are curious or just like to fix intricate mechanisms, have a look around at Here you will find a comprehensive horological library, (Horology is the science of clocks and watches) a vast clock and watch museum, an internationally recognized clock and watch repair school, and thousands of other people from all over the world interested in some of the same things you are.

The National Association of Clock and Watch Collectors (NAWCC) is a nonprofit organization devoted to the education of the public on the art, science and history of vintage clocks and watches. With nearly 200 local chapters in all 50 states, Canada and abroad, collectors get together usually once a month or so to learn, trade, socialize, teach, listen, speak about and show off their collections. Yearly, regional and national events bring out hundreds and even thousands to major cities where dealers & collectors congregate. The public may attend how-to workshops, lectures, seminars. BUT, for member’s only; at a large trading floor called THE MART. Clock and watch collectors from all walks of life wheel and deal in horological related artifacts, clocks, watches, tool, parts, books, ephemera, advertising memorabilia and anything else related to the keeping of time.

Every other month NAWCC members receive two publications,

*The NAWCC BULLETIN has various horological research articles, a Q&A column, updated convention schedules and a bevy of related news and stories. Also included are reports on the local chapters events.

*The NAWCC MART lists horological items wanted, for sale, auctions and services; along with advertising by the various horological trades people. Here you will also find auction reports as well as registration forms for the various regional conventions.

Did you realize the clock is the most important machine of the last millennium? Of all time? (no pun intended) Without the mechanical clock, most other machines would not even exist. Chaos would rule the day and night ….and who would know the difference? Is was not until the masses began using clocks did large companies and organizations even exist. Except for the military, mass production was not used by any other industry …until clockmakers began making clocks using interchangeable parts.

I for one am fascinated by the ingenuity and organization it took to produce these old timekeepers and nearly everyday see one like no other. Over the last few hundred years clocks have been incorporated in nearly everything. There are clocks of wood, glass, brass, shell and steel; little clocks, big clocks and all in between, I’ve seen girl clocks, boy clocks even endogenous ones. You can name just about anything and someone probably has already made a clock out of it! Pretty or ugly …and even pretty ugly, there’s one out there for you!

So, if you like old clocks or are just clock curious check out And be sure to look at the NAWCC website’s virtual museum online at

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