Collecting The Coneheads

I collect in a number of specific areas. Rather than randomly collecting movie art, I enjoy building wider collections that include toys, trading cards, ties, comix, magazines and books and so on.

I’ll collect anything from a movie or TV show in which aliens play a prominent role.
I’ll collect anything to do with any of the four films based on “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” for instance, or “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers,” or either version of “The Thing.”

Then little sub-collections develop. Somewhere along the line, I realized that I could probably collect everything to do with Saturday Night Live’s “The Coneheads,” for instance. Meep, meep…

At least five different posters advertised the film and I bought them all at reasonable prices ($20 or so). A poster from the TV show recently showed up on eBay and I bought that. I have the comic book version of the film, 50 35mm film cells (see the photos), all the trading cards based on the film, a Beldar tie, all the action figure toys, a TV guide with Beldar and Star Trek’s Captain Picard, a coffee mug showing the original threesome (Dan Akroyd, Jane Curtin, and in the Saturday Night Live sketches), a publicity book issued at the film’s release). There are a few more items, although none extremely rare and I’m sure I’ll eventually have anything ever connected with the Coneheads.

Do you think they somehow used their wily alien technology to make me CONSUME MASS QUANTITIES?

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