Collecting Die Cast Cars in French Blue, 1937 to 1997

By Doug Breithaupt

French cars are not often represented in miniature compared to those of other nations. Even more of a rarity is those done in French racing blue. The scales range from 1:57 to 1:64 for these examples. The biggest surprise, three of the dozen above are from Hot Wheels, surpassed only by four from Majorette. Vive l’auto mini Francais!

’37 Bugatti, Hot Wheels

’37 Talbot Lago, Hot Wheels

’64 Citroen DS21, Siku

’70 Citroen SM, Matchhbox

’72 Renault 17TL, Majorette

’76 Matra Bagheera, Majorette

’77 Renault Alpine A310, Tomica

’78 Renault 5, Matchbox

’82 Renault 5 Turbo, Corgi

’84 Renault 5 Turbo, Hot Wheels

’94 Peugeot 205, Majorett

’97 Renault 19, Majorette



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