Collecting—A Special Memory


Pink Cherry Blossom Butter DishMy obsession with glass began at the age of 16 with a pink Cherry Blossom Cup & Saucer that I purchased for $ .25!  Over the years as I began a family & it grew, so did my collection!   My husband, who I met when I was 17 jumped right in too!   His philosophy has always been if you like it, buy it!  Ladies you can’t find one better than that.

One of my early goals was to have at least one piece from every pattern which I quickly began.  As my family grew I decided I wanted to bring them into the appreciation of this glass I loved.  I began putting a complete set together for each of them and picked my favorite patterns so that I could share my love with them.  Each special occasion, family dinner or birthday the collections came out and we used them!

Pink Cherry Blossom Flat Bottom Pitcher

In the beginning the children didn’t understand, all they knew was the pink dishes with the cherries on them belonged to the oldest, the green ones that looked the same were for my daughter and the baby got the pink dishes with the holes in the edges!  For years that is what my prized pieces were referred to!  For those that can’t guess the patterns from their expert naming; in order we have Pink & Green Cherry Blossom and Pink Open Lace, also called Lace Edge or Old Colony!  As they got older, the name changed just to “the dishes we can’t put in the dishwasher!”  But whenever we walked through an antique store, or went to a flea market they would run around and look for a piece then run back to find out if we needed that.  The game they would start to play was run back and announces “I found a piece for my sister’s pattern but I’m not going to tell where it is!”  Then she would beg and plead; when the tears were about to begin he’d tell her.  Of course she did her share of getting even with him.  The younger one just ran after them both.  Every Christmas when they found a piece with their father they could hardly sit still until I opened the box.  Most years my daughter couldn’t hold it in and would say Papa didn’t know if you needed this or not but he said we can always use an extra!  (Husband is from Italy so kids always call him Papa just to be clear it isn’t Grandpa!)

When we set the table we would alternate colors, green dinner plate, pink salad plate, green sherbet plate and finally pink sherbet dish on top.  Then the next place setting would be the reverse.  This not only looked beautiful, we used everyone’s dishes and it also kept the kids busy for hours trying to get the setting correct while I did the cooking with no one under foot!  (See I had ulterior motives!)  Also I understand I’m ahead of my time as Oprah now says it’s better to set a table with different place settings.

Mario Glass

Every special dinner every guest would know just who’s dish they were using and were politely told how delicate these dishes could be so be careful!  (At this point I would slide under the table in embarrassment)   As they grew they began to realize the value in those colored dishes and a new joke era began.  One of the kids would yell at the other not to scratch their plate, don’t cut your meat like that because that plate belongs to me; oh if it’s your plate then I can drop it; put ice in that pitcher because it’s his and so on.  I got them good one year as we were having a large gathering, making sure everything was absolutely perfect with the glass, large elegant candlesticks, silver polished and cleaning for weeks.  The kids were going on how strangers would scratch their dishes and ruin them.  When dinner was announced everyone came to the table going on about how beautiful it was, “Oh that’s Depression Glass I didn’t know there was so much still around”, then sat down and politely looked at each other.  My children however started rolling off their chairs as I had set the table with all my beautiful glass and plastic utensils!  After the Shrimp I let them use real utensils but the memory is laughed about every gathering we have!

Mario Glass

My personal favorite was one year for my anniversary my husband bought all 16 of the tall Cherry Blossom tumblers, which are quite expensive.  The new rule was when we do cheers no banging the glasses as hard as they usually did, which was actually trying to see if they could shatter them.  Well they secretly made a pact and when we did cheers they all put their hands between the glasses so this has become our new way to toast!

I hear so many people tell me their children want no part of their collections.  When asked do they use them the common answer is, NO!  It’s too expensive, I can’t put them in the dishwasher, they may get scratched and so on.   Maybe if there was more of the above we’d have less of our children not being interested in them?  If the reason you began your collection was a special memory of someone you cherished don’t you want your children to have that same special memory?   I would wash a 1000 more hours of dishes, if I had to, just to keep those memories.

  • Rederick

    It’s really amazing to learn that some people really love collecting these kinds of precious items. I was fascinated by these glasses the same age as you do. However, I just started collecting it this year. How I wish I should have started it earlier. Anyways, I didn’t realize that it could become a family activity until I read your message. I always seek the assistance of my friends to look for the Cherry Blossom pattern for me but I think they are not interested in it. However, I was able to get my cousin’s help on finding these items in the flea markets here in the Philippines but I seldom see this pattern (pink Cherry Blossom). Luckily, you’re in the United States and there are lots them that you could purchase there.

    At present, I’m adding pink Holiday and Cabbage Rose (Sharon) pattern in my collections. But, I still preferred the Cherry Blossom pattern. Last weekend, I’ve seen a inch green Cherry Blossom oval platter in a flea market and I’m still contemplating if I’m going to buy it. There are sites which posted that this pattern is very hard to find but I’m not sure if its true. Hope you could help me if it is really a hard to find item or not. Thank you very much for your assistance.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my article. It is hard to get others interested at times in our habits, but with children making it a game to start with is the easiest way! As they grow they will appreciate it more and they will have learned more than they would like to admit! When I hear my children name patterns today I’m amazed and know they actually did listen to me!

      Cherry Blossom is still one of the easier patterns to find, at least in my area. I can not speak for your area however. The great thing about the internet though is the world can be “your area”. As with every pattern there are pieces that are nearly impossible to find like the Salt & Pepper. Pink is easier to find than green in Cherry Blossom as green was only made for 5 of the 9 years that Jeannette produced this pattern. Your solution to mixing patterns is always another way to go so that you don’t get discouraged in finding pieces and it still looks nice!

      Check out the Cherry Blossom we have at Let me know you found me through here and I’ll be happy to provide a discount on all your purchases! Check out some of my other articles on glassware, you may find them interesting!

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