Collecting Sterling Souvenir Commemerative Spoons

We have always created objects in commemeration of those places we love to gather and honor. None can be more prolific than the American sterling souvenir spoon.

Spoons have had a long representation of nourishment and life and such spoons were created over the centuries such as “marriage” spoons in honor of the union of a man and a women. Here we have a selection of mid 19th. century sterling souvenir spoons that celebrate holidays like Christmas and commemorate historical and famous places. For as many towns and landmarks that we have in this country, you can probably find a souvenir spoon. Some are machine produced and others have fine hand etched bowls. Back in the souvenir spoon hay – day of the mid 19th – early 20th centuries, souvenir spoons were mostly owned by the wealthy or middle class. However,such spoons like the ” Walter Baker & Co. Breakfast Cocoa ” were given out as promotional items to valued customers.

I have always appreciated the detail and artfulness of the old souvenir spoons. As with many collectibles today we are in a buyers market. I have seen a slump in prices of these beautiful display pieces and as we know “everything old is new again”. I think now is a great time to find deals on these pieces and they will probably have a resurgence in their value as well. I hope you enjoy the pieces I have listed.

Best Wishes ~~ Edward F. McDonough III

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