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This week Marvel Entertainment premiered their trailer for the new Incredible Hulk movie starring Edward Norton as the Hulk. This latest Hulk movie pits Bruce Banner, the Hulk’s alter ego, against the Abomination, another Hulk-type monster with more psychotic tendencies. Although the evil character will not be named the Abomination in the film the creature’s alter-ego is the same, Emil Blonski, but has a different back story. The original Blonski character was a KGB agent that exposed himself to gamma radiation which transformed him into reptilian monster with strength that exceeded that of the Hulk. Unlike the Hulk however the Abomination could not transform back to Emil Blonski.

In this issue of the Comic Speculator I thought this would be the perfect time to take a look at some key Abomination appearances before their value gets out of hand due to Hulk movie hype.

The Abomination’s first appearance was in the pages of Tales to Astonish starring the Hulk, which would be retitled to The Incredible Hulk with issue #102. While the early issues of TOA from the late 1950’s guide around $1500.00 to $2000.00 later issues are much more affordable. Issue #90 of TOA, the first appearance of the Abomination currently guides at $60.00 in very-good/near-mint condition but watch for that price spike as the Hulk movie premier draws closer.

The Abomination would later appear in issue #12 of the first Silver Surfer series of the late 60’s after being kidnapped by a cosmic being known as the Stranger and then summoned back to earth by a coven of witches. Silver Surfer issue #12 currently guides between $60-$70 in very-good/near-mint but could spike in value soon with the news of yet another Fantastic Four film and possibly a Silver Surfer solo film. Before the 2nd Fantastic Four film, in which the Silver Surfer made his big screen debut, issue #1 of Silver Surfer, Marvel Comics 1968, was selling for $200-$300. After last summer’s FF2 release Silver Surfer #1 is now selling for upwards of $600.00.

After his defeat by the Surfer the Abomination was recaptured by the Stranger and used as defense against Thor in Issue #178 of Thor. Thor issue #178 currently guides in the $50-70 range and was not only a key early Abomination appearance but also the penultimate issue on legendary comic artist Jack “the King” Kirby’s Thor run. Jack Kirby comics of the late 60’s and early 70’s Marvel Bronze-age continue to become more and more popular with collectors and harder to find every year.

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