The Comic Speculator Back Issue Report – Action Comics #1 found in Home’s Wall

This copy of Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman, was found by a Minnesota man in the wall of an abandoned house he bought and was remodeling.

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The Back Issue Report

Every once and a great while it happens. Someone opens a long-forgotten trunk or foot locker or, in this case, a wall, and finds the most expensive comic book in existence. Just last week it happened again. A Minnesota man remodeling a house he purchased for $10,100 on Elbow Lake in West-Central Minnesota, discovered a copy of Action Comics #1 (DC, 1938), the first appearance of Superman.

David Gonzalez, who bought the abandoned house, found the copy of Action Comics #1 along with several old newspapers in a wall. Apparently, it was being used as insulation, which just makes me quiver and stare at the stucco walls in my own 100-year-old-house house. I just tore out the walls in the bathroom and the coolest thing I found was an old matchbook.

According to Gonzalez, the comic was torn by in-laws during an argument when they “tried to grab it.” According to Stephen Fishler, co-owner of Comic Connect , the site where the comic is currently up for sale, the tear cost Gonzalez $75,000.

My in-laws would know better.

The issue itself graded out in CGC 1.5 condition and is currently up for auction and sitting at $137,000 with 35 bids and 11 days to go. Not a bad return on a $10,100 house.

UPDATE: The online auction ended Tuesday, June 11. With 51 bids, the final selling price was $175,000. I’m officially tearing out every wall in my house.

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