The Comic Speculator Back Issue Report – Spawn #9 & the First Appearance of Angela

Angela is back.

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The Back Issue Report

This week saw the climax of the 10-part Age of Ultron mini-series from Marvel hitting the new comic stands. The comic shipped poly-bagged so as to protect the surprise ending but, of course, word leaked early (stupid Internet) and the surprise was out there. Spoiler Alert: Angela is back, although she looks a little more “Barbarella” than she used too.

Most of you are probably asking, “Angela who?” and with good reason. Angela is the creation of Sandman writer Neil Gaiman. She first appeared in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn back in the 1990s at Image comics while Gaiman was writing the title. She had a few more appearances later in the series but hasn’t been seen for some time. In 2002, Gaiman sued McFarlane for partial rights of Angela and a few other characters and won. In 2004, the case was upheld after an appeal and recently, after a settlement between the two creators, Gaiman seems to have full control of the character, an interesting fact that was discovered during Marvel Comics’ legal wrangling with McFarlane over any ownership he might have of the character Miracle Man. Turns out he doesn’t have any. Well, no Miracle Man plans as of yet, but Angela seems to be back and may not just be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy in the pages of their monthly title, but may be joining them on the big screen as well.

With this news I immediately started receiving e-mails and Twitter questions about the character. “Is her first appearance going to be worth anything?” Truthfully, I don’t know. But today we’re going to take a look at Angela’s brief history and what might be in store for her appearances.


Spawn #9 (Image Comics), written by Neil Gaiman, art by Todd McFarlane. Shipped: March 1993.

Spawn #9
Image Comics
Written by Neil Gaiman
Art by Todd McFarlane
Shipped: March 1993

Why it’s hot: This was Angela’s first appearance as bounty hunter from heaven. Of course when she first met Spawn there was a misunderstanding and then a fight (a staple of comics when hero meets hero for the first time), but later they would end up working together and later, even become romantically involved. The thing to keep in mind here is print-runs in the ’90s were much higher than now. According to, Spawn #9 was the third-highest selling title for March 1993 and may have shipped upwards of 700,000 copies. Which means there’re still plenty of them out there.

How Much? It’s hard to guess what’s going to happen here but the madness has already begun. Currently, Spawn #9 is selling anywhere from $8-$15 but it seems to be going up. That said, I’d be shocked to see this issue selling for more than $30 anytime soon (if it is, feel free to underline this sentence and repost it in the comments here with a “HA!”). The CGC Census lists 232 copies of this issue in 9.8 condition. That’s a lot. And with more than 700,000 issues out there, you can bet that number will go up soon. I don’t see prices for Spawn #9 going insane anytime soon, but comic shop owners would be wise to search their long boxes of ’90s comics and pull all of these.

A copy of Superman #1 in CGC 1.8 condition sold for a record price of $53,510

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In other news, there’re always old comics selling for amazing prices all over the Internet. Here’s a look at some of this week’s most impressive sales.

• A copy of Superman #1 in CGC 1.8 condition sold for a record price of $53,510 as part of’s May Featured Auction.

• The Minnesota man who discovered a copy of Action Comics #1 (DC, 1938) also found a copy of Superman #4 (DC, 1940) in the same house. The comic is reportedly in two pieces and is expected to sell for $500-$5,000. Keep smashing walls buddy!

• A copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 in CGC 6.5 condition from the Dallas Stephens collection sold on eBay for $21,800 with 43 bids.

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