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Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (Marvel Comics, 1967), written by Roy Thomas, art by Gene Colan under the name “Adam Austin.” Shipped in March, 1968.

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The Back Issue Roundup

Once again, the Internet is buzzing with rumors now that Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff has confirmed that she is in talks with Marvel/Disney for a female-driven superhero role in a Marvel movie… sort of. It seems Sackhoff may have been speaking hypothetically or was told to be quiet (for you internet conspiracy nuts). Regardless, the rumor mills are spinning and they all want to see Ms. Sackhoff in the role of Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel. Of course, you know what that means; it’s time to take a good look at Carol’s notable comics appearances and maybe grab a few copies just to be safe.

Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (Marvel Comics, 1967)

Written: Roy Thomas
Art: Gene Colan under the name “Adam Austin”
Shipped: March 1968

Why it’s hot: Marvel Super-Heroes was an anthology title that Marvel used to launch several new characters into their own titles. This story was actually the introduction of Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, that is (a Kree Warrior that became Earth’s protector), who would inspire Carol to become her own hero, Miss Marvel. Thomas and Colan created the character and this was Carol’s first appearance as the non-powered Major Carol Danvers.

How Much? Currently, this issue guides for $210 in 9.8 (Near Mint) condition un-slabbed and $420 in the same graded condition. Currently, the CGC Census lists only one copy in 9.8 condition and only four in 9.6. Good news for those five collectors but bad for rest of us. There doesn’t seem to be many high-grade examples of #13 out there yet, but if this rumor gains traction, you’ll see plenty of copies for sale. Two years ago, you could pick this issue up in 9.0 condition or better for less than $50. Now, examples described in 2.0 (Good) condition are selling for almost that much. The weird thing is, there just doesn’t seem to be any high-grade examples out there. I’m saying pick this one up now or pay way too much later.

Ms. Marvel #1 (Marvel Comics, 1977), written by Carla and Gerry Conway, art by John Buscema. Shipped in January, 1977.

Ms. Marvel #1 (Marvel Comics, 1977)
Written: Carla and Gerry Conway
Art: John Buscema
Shipped: January, 1977

Why it’s hot: To be honest, it’s not yet. Ten years after her first appearance Carol emerges here in her own series with powers she picked up helping Captain Marvel out back in her first appearance. If you’re looking to pick up Carol Danvers’ first super-hero debut this is it and, it shouldn’t cost you too much.

How Much? Currently, this issue guides for $40 in 9.8 (Near Mint) condition un-slabbed and only $80 graded at 9.8. That’s really low. The CGC Census currently lists 24 copies of #1 in 9.8 (that’s high), which means there’s high-grade copies out there but sellers are waiting for the right time. If you’re looking to buy, now is the time. You can pick up very nice copies for less than $30 and it might not be a bad idea to do so. If you’re selling, wait for the rumor mill to heat up.

Captain Marvel #1 Vol. 7 (Marvel, 2012), written by Kelly Sue Deconnick, art by Dexter Soy.
Shipped in September 2012.

Captain Marvel #1 Vol. 7 (Marvel, 2012)
Written: Kelly Sue Deconnick
Art: Dexter Soy
Shipped: September 2012

Why it’s hot: Last year, as part of the Marvel Now push, Carol decided to take the name Captain Marvel and reinvented her look to pay homage to both her past and the namesake. Critics loved the comic but sales have remained pretty low, which is a shame, because this series is a great read. If we do see a Captain Marvel movie, this will be the character it’s based on.

How Much? This one was much hotter not too long ago, selling for $10 and up, but it has cooled off. Currently, the issue guides for a little more than cover price in 9.8 (Near Mint) condition and only $16 in the same graded condition. Here’s the thing, there’s not very many of these out there and this is the first series starring Carol as Captain Marvel. If you can find one, grab a copy now.

Again, I’m not promising you that there’s a Captain Marvel movie coming or Katee Sackhoff will have any part of it if it does show up. What I will say is Marvel, like you and me, watch the Internet chatter and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was behind the seeds of this rumor.

Around the Net

There we’re a few notable Silver-Age Marvel and DC sales this week on eBay.

Fantastic Four #5 (Marvel, 1962)

Daredevil #1 (Marvel Comics, 1964)

Detective Comics #31 (DC, 1937)

A copy of Fantastic Four #5 (Marvel, 1962), the first appearance of Doctor Doom in CGC 8.0 (Very Fine) condition, sold for $6,112 on Sept. 4 with 23 bids. Not a bad price but still just under $200 where it guides in that condition.

A copy of Daredevil #1 (Marvel Comics, 1964) in CGC 9.4 (Near Mint) condition sold for $11,999 on Sept. 7, further pushing home the point that I will never own a high-grade example of this issue.

And over at DC, a copy of Detective Comics #31 (DC, 1937) in CGC 3.0 (Good/Very Good) condition sold for $9,900, realizing $300 more than its guide price. Here’s another example of how well Golden-Age DC issues continue to gain in value.

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