The Comic Speculator Back Issue Roundup – Low-Grade Golden Age Comics Hopping

On Sept. 22, a copy of Action Comics #13 (DC, 1939) that featured the fourth-ever Superman cover printed sold for $13,100 with 31 bids. Here’s the kicker, this issue was CGC-graded in 1.5 (Fair/Good) condition.

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The Back Issue Roundup

As always, the turbulent storm that is the back-issue-marketplace continues to spin violently, scooping up comics you’d never expect would one day sell for more than cover price and dropping them in the hands of sheltering collectors. How’d you like that image? Not bad, aye? But enough showing off my metaphoric skills; let’s talk comics… specifically, back-issues.

Gold and Silver Oldies:

Showcase #4 (DC, 1956)

• Not all Golden-Age treasures have to be in near-mint condition to sell for huge amounts. On Sept. 22, a copy of Action Comics #13 (DC, 1939) that featured the fourth-ever Superman cover printed sold for $13,100 with 31 bids. Here’s the kicker, this issue was CGC-graded in 1.5 (Fair/Good) condition. Which, in English, means it is pretty whupped up. This is a comic that guides at $2,000 in 1.5 condition and it sold for 11 grand more. Whether you liked the end of the latest Supes movie or not, you can’t argue with prices like this on early Action issues.

• Superman isn’t the only DC hero getting crazy money for lower condition comics. With the announcement of the upcoming Flash TV series on the CW, the speedster’s key back issues are starting to see some real action. Two separate copies of Showcase #4 (DC, 1956)—widely agreed to be the first Silver-Age comic and the first appearance of Barry Allen and Iris West—sold for much more than they usually do. A copy in CGC 5.5 ($7,280 guide) sold for $9,401 with 50 bids and another copy in CGC 4.5 condition ($5,200 guide) sold for $6,600 with 21 bids. Watch for Flash issue to continue to sell for ridiculous prices even after the CW makes a terrible show. I’m not a fan of “Arrow,: either.

Bronze Age and Beyond:

• Collectors who paid $70 and up for their 3D cover version of Batman The Dark Knight 23.4 (DC, 2013) that shipped last week are kicking themselves. Someone even paid $17.50 for a copy with a melted cover. I don’t mean to go the route of “I told you so,” but… Well, I TOLD YOU SO! Currently, eBay is flooded with more than seven pages of auctions for both the regular and 3D cover with the standard cover selling for $5-$7 and the 3D cover selling for $25-$30. And they will probably go down from there. The same goes for all of the Villains’ Month 3D lenticular covers. There’s plenty of all of them out there and it’ll be quite some time before they’re selling for anything remarkable.

Batman The Dark Knight 23.4 (DC, 2013)

Day Men #1

Boom Studios just penned a deal with Universal Studios to bring their new series Day Men, a story about humans that work for Vampire’s during the day, to the big screen. Day Men is a relatively new series, issue #1 shipped July 17, /2013, but it has been received by fans and critics very well. The first issue sold out of its 12,000-copy print-run very quickly and was selling for as high as $20. It’s since cooled off, with prices falling to $8-$10, but with this new movie news, watch for that price to leap back up. If you didn’t pick this one up when it came out, go grab a copy NOW.

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