The Comic Speculator Back Issue Roundup – Superman-JFK Pages, Hollywood News

Action Comics #252 (DC, 1959)

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The Back Issue Roundup

There never seems to be a dull moment in the world of back-issue comics, and this week’s roundup features mystery, possible malfeasance, cryptic messages from Hollywood super-stars and viral vampires. This ain’t no boring stamp-collecting blog (no offense to the WorthPoint stamp-nerds), this is the Comic Speculator Back-Issue Round Up!

Gold and Silver Oldies:

First, an update on the Al Plastino story; In our last episode, I told you about the strange case of the Superman, JFK original art pages that ended up at auction instead of in the JFK museum, where Plastino though they had been for the last 50 years.

Sadly, Plastino passed away last week from prostate cancer at age 91 with the investigation still ongoing. The auction was removed from Heritage Auction’s schedule but there is still no information as to how the art ended up in circulation or the name of the owner selling the piece. In a post on his page Facebook shortly before his death Plastino wrote, “I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me. I just want the right thing done here and to be treated fairly.”

Al Plastino, Dec. 15, 1921—Nov. 25, 2013

Plastino was best known for co-creating Supergirl in the pages of Action Comics #252 (DC, 1959), the Legion of Superheroes in the pages of Adventure Comics #247 (DC, 1958) and one of Superman’s most powerful villains—the Parasite—in the pages of Action Comics #340 (DC, 1966). He worked on the Superman family of titles for more than 20 years, starting with his first issue Action Comics #113 (DC, 1947). In that time, he became one of the most prolific Superman creators of the Silver-Age.

Thanks for everything Al… you will be missed.

Bronze Age and Beyond:

It’s becoming a theme here but, once again, Hollywood news is pushing up prices on comics that time had forgotten.

With news that Marvel Comics is producing several new shows for Netflix, a little known series named Alias is receiving a lot of attention. It’s not the globe-hopping-spy-story-Alias you’re thinking of; this one was a street-level private detective story starring ex-Avenger Jessica Jones.

Alias #1

As there was already a very successful “Alias” television show produced by J.J. Abrams and starring Jennifer Garner, the Marvel show will be titled “Jessica Jones.” Alias #1 hit the shelves back in 2001 and lasted for 28 issues before its cancellation. Recently, with the news of the Netflix series, Alias #1 has seen a huge spike in price with copies selling as high as $35. As the show gets closer I’m sure that price will continue to go up. If you’re looking to get in on Alias, now is the time. You can still pick up full runs for less than $80 and I’m betting it pays off in the future.

Izombie #1

Izombie #1 Cooke variant

House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1

Another dollar-bin find that most forgot about, Izombie, also hit the news when Deadline Hollywood reported that “Veronica Mars” director Rob Thomas and co-writer Diane Ruggiero are producing a TV series based on the comic for Warner Bros TV. Which means the series will probably end up on the CW, also the home of “Veronica Mars.” Izombie was a DC/Vertigo title written by Chris Roberson with art by Mike Allred that ran for 28-issues starting in 2010. Before the news hit, you could probably find entire runs of the series for less than $20. Now runs of the first five issues are selling for $20 and up. Issue #1 is selling for $15-$20 and the 1:10 variant by Darwyn Cooke is going for $20-$25. The first appearance of Izombie was in the pages of the House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1 (DC/Vertigo, 2008), a comic was also selling for less than cover price a few months ago, is going for anywhere from $16-$25.

Ghost Projekt

And finally, NBC threw its hat in the ring with the announcement that the network was developing Ghost Projekt (Oni, 2010) into a series. The story centers around a United Nations weapons inspector paired with a mysterious Russian agent to track down stolen supernatural material from a secret Russian experimental site. Ghost Projekt, a five-issue mini-series, was written by Joe Harris with art by Steve Rolston. When the news broke back in September, copies of #1 were selling for $35. Since then, the price has come down to around $15. If you’re going to grab one of these, do it now. With a print-run of less than 4,000, this comic is going to be extremely rare. With the successes of “Agents of Shield,” “Walking Dead” and “Arrow,” NBC is looking to cash-in on comic money and Ghost Projekt may be the perfect drama to crossover into mainstream audiences.

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