The Comic Speculator Back Issue Roundup – Uncle Scrooge Seller Now Rolling in Dough

A copy of Dell Four Color #386 (Dell, 1952) starring Uncle Scrooge in CGC 9.4 condition sold for $9,125 with 32 bids on Sept. 12

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The Back Issue Roundup

We’re going to bounce around a bit this week and look at some oldies-but-goodies and what’s going on with some more recent comics. So strap in and get ready for an end-run into the trenches of the back-issue marketplace, but let’s keep our targeting computers on, OK? Cool, let’s start with some auction news:

Gold and Silver Oldies:

A copy of Dell Four Color #386 (Dell, 1952) starring Uncle Scrooge in CGC 9.4 condition sold for $9,125 with 32 bids on Sept. 12. This issue has an amazing and very sought-after cover by Disney-duck-artist-supreme Carl Barks. The CGC Census lists six copies of this issue in 9.4 and only one copy in better condition (9.6). Some call this Scrooge’s first-appearance but they’re wrong. Scrooge first appeared in the story “Christmas on Bear Mountain” in Dell Four Color #178 (Dell, 1947). This was Scrooge’s first issue as the main character of his series and possibly as a protagonist, but not the character’s first appearance. Regardless, it’s very cool and worth every penny.

Heritage Auctions has an amazing run of Fantastic Four #1-#47 up for bidding as a part of its Sunday Internet Comics Auction ending this Sunday, Sept 22. The comics range in condition from 3.0 up to 7.0 and not all are CGC graded. This is an amazing chance for collectors to fill some early FF collection holes with some affordable copies. Issue #1 (Marvel, 1961) is graded lowest at 3.0 and is currently sitting at $1,800. Back in 2011 a copy in the same condition sold for $3,000. I’m guessing this one goes for at least $5,000.

Bronze Age and Beyond:

Destroyer Duck #1 (Eclipse, 1982)

The Star Wars #1 (Dark Horse, Sept. 4, 2013), the Midtown Comics variant.

Catwoman #23 (DC, Aug. 28, 2013)

In other duck-news; A copy of Destroyer Duck #1 (Eclipse, 1982) in CGC 9.8 condition is presently sitting on eBay for the Buy It Now price of $119. I know what you’re thinking, “who the heck is Destroyer Duck?” Well, he was an anthropomorphic duck version of the Punisher created by Mark Evanier and Steve Gerber (who also created Howard the Duck). Though Destroyer Duck’s seven-issue run didn’t make the character a household name, issue #1 was the first appearance of Sergio Aragones’ beloved barbarian, Groo the Wanderer. Currently, this issue only guides for $32 in 9.8 slabbed condition but I’m saying that’s way too low. Groo certainly isn’t as hot as ever, but he is an important part of comic history that was created by a master. Someone buy this or I will.

Dark Horse’s gamble in over-printing The Star Wars #1 (shipped Sept. 4, 2013) seems to have paid off. Early advanced re-orders for issue #2 are almost as high as #1 and re-orders for #1 topped the Diamond Re-order list. Even though first-printings aren’t sold out yet, they’re selling for $6 on eBay, but if you want the hottest cover, grab the Midtown Comics variant by John Cassiday. Currently, it’s selling for $17 and up, but you can still order the variant for $10 at the Midtown Comics website. You can also pick up variants signed by series artist Mike Mayhew.

In DC 3D news, there’s a rash of lunatics on eBay pre-ordering Batman The Dark Knight #23.4 3D cover for $75 to $80. Why? It would be easy to say it’s because this one features the Joker’s daughter, but this isn’t even her first appearance. If you’re looking for that, go pick up Catwoman #23 (shipped Aug. 28, 2013), as first-printings are currently selling for $7-$10. So, why $80 for this issue? I have no idea. The current highest-selling 3D variant is the Detective Comics 23.2 Harley Quinn issue, selling for $36. I don’t get it. And neither should you. Don’t pay more than $40 for the Joker’s daughter issue.

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