The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 03/03/2010

Mass Effect: Redemption #2

Mass Effect: Redemption #2

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by WorthPoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics and back issues and the comic market place in general. Prices discussed here are taken from the Overstreet Guide to Comics (OVST), (CPG) and current online auction sales. Sales numbers and rankings are courtesy of The codes under the prices of new titles discussed are Diamond Comics order codes that can be used to help your local comic retailer in ordering the issues discussed.

New Comics Roundup:

Welcome back to the TCS New Comics Round-Up, where you can find all the info you need on the comics hitting the shelves this week. Click here for the full list of comics shipping Wednesday, March 3, 2010. Click here to find a comic shop near you.

As always we start with this week’s Reprint, Sell Out and Variant news; Only three reprints shipping this week:

Dark Horse:

DEC098478 Mass Effect: Redemption #2 Current Ptg.

Captain America: Reborn #6

Captain America: Reborn #6

First prints of both #1 and #2 are still selling for anywhere from $5-$12 each with no sign of cooling down.


DEC098437 Avengers Initiative #32 2nd Ptg Var
DEC098425 Captain America: Reborn #6 2nd Ptg Var

Initiative #31 and #32 reprints are still selling for $4-$6 each, but I would expect to see that price drop a but with the reprints hitting. Cap Reborn #6 still seems to be readily available in most shops as retailers ordered very high on the whole series so far.

Here’s your Variant List for Wednesday, March 3 (this list does not include reprints and prices are not included because retailers usually set the price on a case-by-case basis):


Dellec #2 (Micah Gunnell Sketch Incentive Cover)


Absolution #2 (of 6) (Paul Duffield MCM Convention Edition Cover)
Absolution #4 (of 6) (Juan Jose Ryp Auxiliary Edition Cover)
Chronicles of Wormwood The Last Battle #2 (of 6) (Juan Jose Ryp Auxiliary Edition Cover)
Crossed #7 (of 9) (Jacen Burrows MCM Convention Edition Cover)
Crossed #8 (of 9) (Juan Jose Ryp Cheerleader Variant Cover)
Crossed #9 (of 9) (Jacen Burrows Red Crossed Incentive Cover)
Crossed #9 (of 9) (Jacen Burrows Auxiliary Edition Cover)
Ignition City #5 (of 5) (Gianluca Pagliarani Convention Edition Cover
Supergod #2 (of 5) (Garrie Gastonny Auxiliary Edition Cover)


Disneys Hero Squad Ultraheroes #2 (Magic Eye Studios Variant Cover)
Wizards Of Mickey #2 (Magic Eye Studios Variant Cover)


Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #57 (Signed & Numbered Studio Edition)


Adventure Comics #8 (Aaron Lopresti ‘Adventure Comics 511’ Variant Cover)
First Wave #1 (of 6) (Neal Adams Variant Cover)
Sparta USA #1 (of 6) (David Lapham Variant Cover)

Dynamite Ent:

Green Hornet #1 (Alex Ross Black/White/Green Variant Cover)
Green Hornet #1 (J. Scott Campbell Black/White/Green Variant Cover)
Green Hornet #1 (J. Scott Campbell Shared Retailer Exclusive Variant Cover)
Green Hornet #1 (John Cassady Black/White/Green Variant Cover)
Green Hornet #1 (Stephen Segovia Black/White/Green Variant Cover)


G.I. Joe #15 (David Williams Virgin Cover)
Starstruck #7 (Michael William Kaluta Virgin Cover)
Dragon Prince #1 (David Finch Black & White Lone Star Comics Variant Cover)


Amazing Spider-Man #623 (Joe Jusko Variant Cover)
Amazing Spider-Man #623 (Joe Quinones Villain Variant Cover)
Fall Of The Hulks The Savage She-Hulk #1 (of 3) (Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic Women of Marvel Variant)
Mighty Avengers #34 (Deadpool Variant Cover)
Prelude To Deadpool Corps #1 (of 5) (Ed McGuinness Variant Cover)
Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #1 (Leinil Francis Yu Villain Variant Cover)
Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #1 (Frank Cho Foilogram Variant Cover)

I have one question for Marvel comics: What the hell is a “Foilogram” cover?

No sellout news to report this week, so let’s get right to the Speculator Picks of the Week . These are the comics that could sell out quickly and end up selling for ludicrous prices in back issue bins and online auctions in the very near future.

Adventure Comics #8: DC

Adventure Comics #8

Adventure Comics #8

Solicitation: Co-Feature written by Eric Trautmann and co-feature art by Pier Gallo. Adventure Comics ships twice this month, as this spring’s Superman event “Brainiac & The Legion of Super-Heroes” starts with a prologue in #8 and reaches a boiling point in #9! Starting way back in “The Lightning Saga,” various clues have been planted about a group of Legionnaires undercover in the 21st century. Who are they and why are they here? And what does their mission have to do with the fate of New Krypton? James Robinson (Superman) and Julian Lopez (World’s Finest) may have an answer or two!

Meanwhile, in a tale of the 31st century by Sterling Gates (Supergirl) and Clayton Henry (Adventure Comics), the Legion of Super-Heroes infiltrates a hidden Legion of Super-Villains base! The horrifying plans Brainiac 5 discovers inside will alter Superman’s life—forever! Plus, in the co-feature by Trautmann (Action Comics) and newcomer Gallo, learn more about General Lane’s Human Defense Corps—Earth’s best line of defense against the looming Kryptonian threat!

40 PGS
$3.99 US
Written by James Robinson and Sterling Gates; Pencils by Julia Lopez; Inks by Clayton Henry; Cover by Francis Manapul.

Why it’ll go fast: Never underestimate the selling power of the Legion of Superheroes. It happened with Geoff Johns and Brad Metzler’s “The Lightning Saga” crossover, which sold surprisingly well and again in the pages of Action Comics #858-#863 with Johns’ “Superman and the Legion of Superheroes” story. Now that Johns has left Adventure Comics, with issue #6, I would guess the numbers for the February issue fell considerably. Which leads me to believe that initial orders on #8 will also be very low. However, a great cover with the Legion of Superheroes on it will take a comic pretty far. If the story delivers then Adventure Comics could be back to a top 20 selling title. If not, then it might be long cancelled this time next year. Regardless, this will be the issue that the Legion-nerds pick up to see if they care about the super-gang from the future or not and low orders are going to make it hard to find.

Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #2: Dynamite

Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #2

Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #2

Solicitation: The Green Hornet is back, and Dynamite is the new home for the avenging hero and his faithful sidekick, Kato (and their ride, Black Beauty, natch!)! Issue #2 continues the incredible opening blast from Dynamite and Kevin Smith: the original Green Hornet struggles with forces put in motion against him while his son unwittingly becomes a pawn in a world not of his making! Never before seen, this comic adaptation of the unproduced Kevin Smith screenplay is the comic book event of 2010 (and beyond!). Featuring an incredible array of covers by Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Joe Benitez and Stephen Segovia!

Why it’ll go fast: Remember when the internet was a abuzz about Kevin Smith writing and directing the Green Hornet movie. Then there was the buzz about him being removed from the project. Then he Twittered about ripping a toilet off the wall just by sitting on it. Then Smith was kicked off a plane for being too fat. Then he freaked out on Twitter and yelled at critics that slammed the latest film he wrote, Cop Out. OK, most of that has nothing to do with this comic. Long story short, nerdom’s big-fat-martyr Kevin Smith has converted the script he wrote for the Green Hornet movie into the new Green Hornet comic, but you may have figured that out from the title “Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet.” Comic nerds still seem to care about Smith, even though his record for finishing his comics on time isn’t stellar. Spiderman Black Cat and Daredevil: The Target are two good examples but I’m not holding a grudge. The Green Hornet is enjoying some hype now that the movie is coming this December, but not enough to make retailers order very heavy on this title. As the movie gets closer, older nerds might come looking for this series just to find it’s been snatched up by the Kevin Smith loyalists (you know who you are). In short, Green Hornet #1 might not sell out right away but could be pretty hot in the months to come.

Mass Effect: Redemption #3 of 4: Dark Horse

Mass Effect: Redemption #3 of 4

Mass Effect: Redemption #3 of 4

Solicitation: Liara T’Soni finds herself both pursuing Commander Shepard’s abductors and on the run herself as Mass Effect: Redemption nears its explosive conclusion—revealing secrets crucial to the story of Mass Effect 2 along the way! The Mass Effect saga has revolutionized science fiction, and Mass Effect 2 lead writer Mac Walters brings all the same intelligence, drama, and action to this riveting adventure that tests the limits of what one friend will do to save another.

Read a preview of the first issue at, and in Buffy the Vampire Slayer #30 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #48!

An ad for Mass Effect: Redemption—with the comic shop locator—will appear inside every copy of Mass Effect 2!

32 PGS
$3.50 US
Preview Available!
Written by John Jackson Miller and Mac Walters; Pencils by Omar Francia; Cover by Michael Atiyeh; Colors by Daryl Mandryk.

Why it’ll go fast: Mass Effect 2 comics are selling! And not just in comic shops. One of the reasons for the instant sellouts on each issue may be due to video game stores carrying the comic. It’s happened before, specifically Wildstorm’s Resident Evil 5 adaptation, when a market that normally doesn’t order comics splits the shipment and causes an instant shortage. Does it mean the comics aren’t out there? Not necessarily. They just might not be where you’d expect them. If your local comic shop is lacking copies I’d check Gamestop.


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