The Comic Speculator: The Death of Kitty Pryde

Cover of Astonishing X-Men vol.3  #1
Cover of Excalibur vol.1  #1
Cover of Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #1
Cover of Uncanny X-Men #166
Cover of Uncanny X-Men #151
Cover of Uncanny X-Men #151
Cover of Uncanny X-Men #143
Cover of Uncanny X-Men #142
Cover of Uncanny X-Men #139
Cover of Uncanny X-Men #129

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X’fans everywhere are in mourning this week after the loss of a beloved X-Man, or X-Woman… Whatever, my point is (SPOILER ALERT!!!) ”Kitty Pryde”, also known as the X-Men’s Shadowcat, seems to have died this week in the pages of Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1. I say “seems to have died” because, like all great comic deaths, writer ”Joss Whedon” , of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame, seems to have left a loop hole just in case another writer wants to bring her back. No comic character stays dead for long but for the time being The Comic Speculator will mourn Kitty’s loss by taking a look at her most collectible comic appearances.

If the stars align and the big brains at Worthpoint can figure out how to host an Excel file I may even post a Kitty Pryde checklist. Yes I’m calling you out Worthpoint-programmer guy.
Whatchu got!

Kitty Pryde was created by ”Chris Claremont” and ”John Byrne” first appeared as a new student enrolled at the ”Xaiver Institute for Gifted Youngsters” in Uncanny X-Men 129 ($80.00 in Near Mint condition). Kitty was the youngest mutant to be invited to the institute and would be the youngest to join the team in Uncanny X-Men #139 ($55.00 in Near Mint) under the codename Sprite.

Uncanny X-men 142, Marvel 1981 ($75 in Near Mint) was the first issue to carry the “Uncanny” title and has perhaps one of the most memorable covers in the series. See above. In the story, now known as part of the ”Days of the Future Past” storyline, robot ”Sentinels” commanded by the anti-mutant Senator Robert Kelley kill several of the X-Men. Kitty, then called “Sprite”, saves the Senator from an assignation attempt by a mutant terrorist named ”Destiny” showing him that mutants can be humane as well as human. Deep stuff, I know.

Uncanny X-Men #143, Marvel 1981 ($55.00 in Near Mint) was John Byrne’s last issue and told the story of Kitty home alone on Christmas night in the X-Mansion. Of course a demon shows up and she fights it off but it wouldn’t have been be a memorable issue if she just watched It’s A Wonderful Life and cried. This issue was also one of my favorite X-covers.

Uncanny X-Men #151-152, Marvel 1981 ($10.00 in Near Mint). Kitty’s parents make her leave the X-Men to join the ”Massachusetts Academy” run by the evil White Queen ”Emma Frost” and then is returned after Emma’s evil plot is exposed.

Uncanny X-Men #166, Marvel, 1983 ($9.00 in Near Mint). 1st appearance of Kitty’s pet alien/dragon ”Lockheed”. Second issue of artist ”Paul Smith”’s Uncanny run.

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine 1-6, Marvel, 1986 ($5.00 in Near Mint). Kitty goes to Japan in search of her Father who’s been kidnapped by Yakuza. During her search Kitty is captured, brainwashed and then turned into a ninja assassin by ”Ogun”, who was also ”Wolverine”’s mentor.

Excalibur vol. 1 #1, Marvel, 1988 ($5.00 in Near Mint). Kitty joins the British X-team ”Excalibur”. This was back when series penciler ”Alan Davis” was drawing my favorite version of ”Nightcrawler”.

Astonishing X-Men vol. 3 #1, Marvel 2004, Cassiday Varaint Cover ($10.00 in Near Mint. Astonishing was the creation of writer Joss Whedon and artist ”John Cassiday”. The Cassiday variant cover of issue #1 has been valued as high as $50.00.

All in all I would say that Kitty had a pretty good run and, as stated earlier, it’s only a matter of time before she returns to the pages of an X-book. What did you think of Kitty’s death? Make sure to post your response below, there’s plenty to talk about. For more on Astonishing X-Men and other new comics check out my other blog, ”This Week in Geek” where I discuss the new comics of the week that could be tomorrow’s collectibles. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact me or post your question in the Comic Book community forum. Want to know what your comics are worth? Join Worthpoint for free and post your titles in the “Ask A Question” section.

  • Gorezodd

    Saying that she’s dead (or has “passed”) is a bit misleading. Rocketing through space in a giant bullet that she can’t escape is more like it. I can’t say that I’ll miss this highly loved, lame character. This character hasn’t contributed anything to the X books except for being one of their many damsels in distress. Claremont wasted an interesting super power (mutation) on this “girl next door” character that has no business being on a super team. Aside from search and rescue missions there is no purpose for her. If Kitty were evil she would be much more interesting. Imagine an assassin like Mystique or Electra with Kitty’s power. Honestly, why is she so beloved? The only thing lamer than Kitty Pryde was Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men. Now don’t get me wrong it started out great. Great artwork, great characterization and the return of Colossus. After the first 6 issues…..snoresville. A sentient Danger Room, a lackluster Casandra Nova story and the dumbest/longest space “adventure” ever. All totally LAME. Seriously, how could it have been that bad and that late? It’s not like Whedon was writing Wonder Woman (dropped out) or Buffy (handed it over to B.K.V.). There was nothing else on his plate. The quality of writing decreased so much from beginning to end that I didn’t even want to finish the story. However, I’m glad that i did. It was almost as if Whedon knew he was letting me down and apologized by taking that poofter down with him. Bring on Warren Ellis.

  • Shadow

    One could say that her power is lame and boring, and she’s kinda whiny and weak, but she’s still my fave along with fellow nightcrawler. She fights the best she can and she risked her life to save the world with her powers. Doesn’t that make up anything?

  • Golgotha

    People are entitled to their opinions I guess. The Kitty Pryde character however is one of the “majors” in the marvel universe. She provided a much needed link between the readers and the situations common in most super hero fiction. An almost normal girl with the ability to phase, throw in the aftereffect of technology scrambling and you have a character that had to earn her place on the team. Training and sacrificing all the way. The readers can relate to this as opposed to the many “uber” powered entities that litter most supe stories. Now as to her death….what an easy setup to bring her back whenever they want. Of course they will have to tweak the character with whatever experiences she went through. That bullet is going in a straight line into the universe and can encounter anything. Leave aside whatever “cosmic event” that can happen with this open ended goodness, we have the strange effect of the metal she phased into. Can anybody see a truly hackneyed story line there. She becomes one with the metal and you have a shiny skinned phase shifter who resembles her “true love”? Colossus girl etc etc… this character is no where near dead. She is just out of sight out of mind for now. At least it won’t be the umpteenth rising reinvisioning of the phoenix, or hopefully it won’t. But some marvel writers have been known to have their heads up their arses, so you never know.

  • ender8210

    I personally loved tKitty Pryde in everything she did. I have never read the Wolverine/ Kitty Pryde mini-series, but it is on my list. Gorezodd, I do not know what you consider a good comic book, but as far as comic books go, it doesn’t get much better than Whedon’s AXM. You need to re-evaluate your criteria for a good comic book. Entertaining? Yes. Well-written? Yes. Beautiful and depicting artwork? Yes. Action-packed? Yes. Character development? Hell-yes. I rank very few comics above Whedon’s AXM. These include BKV’s Y: The Last Man, Watchmen, and Batman: Year One. It is my favorite X-men story followed closely by the Phoenix Saga, and Grant Morrison’s entire run. “Lame”? Hardly. You are the lame one, dear sir. You are the lame one…

  • Darren Brennan

    i dont know what ye guys are saying…Kitty Pryde is 1 of the most loved females in Marvel comics! And what a stupid way to kill her off! i am furious about her now non existance! Shadowcat is, and always will be my Fav X-man because shes braught the team together i dont know how many times and she sacrefised her life for the team proveing she is a true x-man more than some other team members would so i hope most of you people read this and understand what im saying and u hope the bring her back into the x-men comics.

    thank you.

  • You guys have to Check out Marvel’s SWORD #1. The back-up story was all about Kitty and how SWORD is trying to rescue her. Yeah I said “Rescue”. She’s not dead!

  • Darren Brennan

    Realy! yes! i must read that!

  • Nicole

    Kitty’s back on March 17th!

  • Altheus

    Ahh Kitty!

    I read somewhere that people though she was “everyman’s girlfriend”. Maybe they have a point as she’s always adorable, but I think they weren’t seeing the whole picture.

    Kitty’s popularity is based on being as normal and as un-superheroesque as possible and yet still fit into an X-Men comic. She’s easy to relate to, which is a rare commodity in comics.

  • JayMan

    I love kitty pryde i have most of her spin-offs some of them are good some of them not so much my fav xman as said by people before me

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