The Comic Speculator: Doom vs Iron Man

Cover of Iron Man #250
Cover of Iron Man #249
Cover of Iron Man #150
Cover of Iron Man #149
Cover of Iron Man #152
Cover of Iron Man #118

With the Iron Man movie premiering this week, I have goose bumps just thinking about it, I thought it would be a good time to highlight one of my favorite runs of ol’ shell-head’s comic. In the 80’s David Micheline and Bob Layton redefined Tony Stark’s character making him the Iron Man we know today. During their first run on Iron Man (#114-#157) Micheline and Layton introduced Jim Rhodes, who would later become War Machine(#118, $12 in Near Mint) and will be played by Terrance Howard in the upcoming Iron man film. Micheline also portrayed Tony Stark as an alcoholic in their classic storyline “Demon in a Bottle” (#128, $10 in Near Mint) and introduced Iron Man’s stealth armor (# 152, $4 in Near Mint).

Micheline and Layton also wrote the two Iron Man and Doctor Doom stories that are currently being reprinted in a trade paper back called “Doomquest” published by Marvel Comics. The first Iron Man vs Doom storyline was in Iron Man #149 – #150 and sent the two back in time to King Arthur’s Camelot. This first Doom/Stark meeting is considered by some the pinnacle of the Micheline-Layton-run and is a must read for any fan of 80’s superhero comics. The second Doom/Stark was was printed in Iron Man #249 – #250 during Micheline and Layton’s second run on the book and saw the two flung into the distant future year 2093. Iron Man #149 guides for $6.00 in Near Mint condition and #150, a double sized issue, guides for $10. Iron Man #249 and #250 both guide for $4.00 in Near Mint. These classic Iron Man vs Doom story lines were great fun and are, for the moment, still very affordable.

Just as the popularity of the Spiderman, and Fantastic Four films artificially inflated the values of their corresponding comics you can expect the same to happen for Iron Man. However, if like Spiderman the film is both successful and good then you can expect Iron Man comic values to rise even further. If the movie turns out to be a stinker like Fantastic Four expect to see the rise in back issue prices to settle back down after the summer movie season. Obviously comics like Iron Man #1(Marvel, 1968) will take huge leaps in value, already it’s selling for more than $700.00 up from $650 just two months ago, but not all collectors have hundreds of dollars to spend on comics. I’d love to be able to drop a grand on a perfect Iron Man #1 and not have to file for bankruptcy afterwards but for now collector’s like myself are buying up key issues like the Doomquest story line.

Michelene and Layton are currently working on a new Iron Man vs Doom story in the pages of “Iron Man Legacy of Doom. For more on Legacy of Doom and other new Iron Man comics check out my other blog, This Week in Geek where I discuss the new comics of the week that could be tomorrow’s collectibles. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact me or post your question in the Comic Book community forum. Want to know what your comics are worth? Join Worthpoint for free and post your titles in the “Ask A Question” section.

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