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Astro City #1 (DC/Vertigo), written by Kurt Busiek with art by Brent Anderson.

Hot Picks for June 5, 2013:

Because at least one of you demanded it, my weekly hot picks are back. No, I’m not claiming to have foresight or mystical powers but I will be using my nerdy forecasting skills to help you nerds watch out for comics that could be selling for more than cover price in the immediate future. I’ll still be hitting you with the Annotated Shipping list (now on Tuesdays so you have more time to prepare for your weekly comic shopping) and this blog will be a companion piece that will pick out of each week’s comics worth discussing. Again, I promise you nothing, and if I were always right, my collection would be much sexier. That said, let’s get to it.

Astro City #1
Written by Kurt Busiek
Art by Brent Anderson

The Buzz: The big story this week is probably the return of the much beloved Astro City from writer Kurt Busiek and artist Brent Anderson from DC/Vertigo. And it’s going to be great, of course. But is it going to fly off the shelves? Will it be selling for $10-and-up by the weekend? I doubt it. Currently, first prints of the original Astro City #1 (Image, 1996) only guides for $4 and runs of the first storyline are selling on eBay for less than $10. Now, it’s true that print-runs in the ’90s were much higher, but this title is at Vertigo now and undoubtedly has a higher print-run than it would at Image, so it’s safe to rule out the Image #1 effect. It’s also hard to gage if fans have cooled on the series or not. Had there been a spike in back issue sales with the announcement of Astro City’s return, I might be telling you just the opposite. As of today (June 5) both covers of Astro City are still in stock which could mean that retailers don’t have a lot of faith in this one.

Update: As of June 6, still in stock. We’ll see if this one sells out in the re-orders tomorrow.

The Verdict: I plan on picking it up and loving it like all the other AC stuff, but I don’t expect much of a return later.

What to Watch:

Newcomer Amigo Comics is getting some good buzz with its title Rogues.

• Newcomer Amigo Comics is getting some good buzz with its title Rogues. Issue #2 hit the shelves this week and was sold out before shipping. If the buzz continues expect Rogues #1 and #2 to be very hard to find.

Drew Hayes Poison Elves #3 (Montos cover).

Drew Hayes Poison Elves #3 (Robertson cover).

Poison Elves made its return to Ape Entertainment in April and since then first prints of #1 and #2 have been getting very hard to find. Currently, they are selling for $6 each and will probably be going up from there. Issue #3 hit the stands this week and again has a very low print-run and sold out before shipping.

East of West #3 from Image sold out as fast as issues #1 and #2.

East of West #3 from Image sold out as fast as issues #1 and #2. First prints of #1 are selling for $10-$12 and variants like the Forbidden Planet variant are selling for $20 and up, but the big one is the Diamond Retailer Summieast of wet variant, available only at this past C2E2 convention in Chicago, selling for $120-$220.

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