The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 06/15/2011

Executive Assistant Iris Volume 2 #0 (Cover C Micah Gunnell Sketch Incentive)

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by WorthPoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics and back issues and the comic market place in general. Prices discussed here are taken from the Overstreet Guide to Comics (OVST), (CPG) and current online auction sales. Sales numbers and rankings are courtesy of The codes under the prices of new titles discussed are Diamond Comics order codes that can be used to help your local comic retailer in ordering the issues discussed.

New Comics Roundup

Below you will find all the info you could possibly need on the hot, new comics shipping this Wednesday, June 15. For a full list of comics shipping this week, click here. To find a comic shop near you, click here.

Variant Watch

Here’s a list of all the variants shipping from Diamond this week and some info on the hot ones. The variant ratios (i.e.; 1:10) represent how many of the regular issues the retailer has to order to receive one of the variants. If a ratio is not included it’s because I couldn’t get the information or because the variant is a new printing. The prices I post here are suggested, reasonable prices, based on the ratios and may be higher or lower at your comic shop.


Executive Assistant Iris Volume 2 #0 (Cover C Micah Gunnell Sketch Incentive). For every 10 copies ordered retailers could order up to three sketch variants, making this one a 1:3.3333333. Don’t pay 1:10 prices for this one. In fact, don’t pay more than $4 for this one.


Crossed Psychopath #3 (of 6)(Jacen Burrows Red Crossed Retailer Incentive Cover) 1:3


Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #9 (Cover C Trevor Hairsine), 1:10


Flashpoint Deadman And The Flying Graysons Pin (Promotional Item)
Flashpoint Legion Of Doom Pin (Promotional Item)
Flashpoint Wonder Woman And The Furies Pin (Promotional Item)
Green Lantern Beware My Power Pin (Promotional Item)
Green Lantern Emerald Warriors Pin (Promotional Item),

Green Lantern Join The Corps Pin (Promotional Item). No DC variants this week but plenty of pins. Again, the Flashpoint pins were made available at up to three bags for retailers that ordered 25 or more copies of the Flashpoint tie-in titles. Still trying to figure out the deal on the GL pins. Side note: this is the first new comics week I can remember without a DC variant cover. Maybe pins are the new variants in the re-launched DCU?


Vampirella #1 (Midtown Exclusive Cover)

Amazing Spider-Man #657 (John Romita Sr Signed Edition), $69.99
Fantastic Four #587 (Steve Epting Signed Edition), $29.99
Fantastic Four #587 (Joe Quesada Signed Edition), $69.99

Fantastic Four #588 (Stan Lee Signed Edition), $196.10. This price was only for pre-orders before final order cut-off date (FOC), 5/18/2011, after that the price goes up to $299.99. According to Diamond, this is still available. Any takers?

Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends #4 (Exclusive Cover), $10. This one went up to 16.99 after FOC, 5/18/2011.

Kirby Genesis #0 (Alex Ross Exclusive Cover), $10. After FOC, 5/3/2011, this one went up to 19.99.

True Blood Tainted Love #3 (of 6)(Exclusive Cover), $9.99. Up to $14.99 after FOC 5/18/2011.

Vampirella #1 (Midtown Exclusive Cover), $10. Print run of 1,500.

Vampirella And The Scarlet Legion #1 (of 5)(J. Scott Campbell Red Exclusive Cover), $8.99. Up to $19.99 after FOC 4/26/2011.


Alpha Flight #1 (of 8)(Dale Eaglesham Variant Cover), 1:25. Even with Alpha Flight being a Fear Itself tie-in a lot of shops aren’t going to order the 25 needed to get the variant. Watch for $15-$20 price tag.

X-Men #13 (Paco Medina Variant Cover) 1:15. I’d expect the Medina variant to be pretty easy to find figuring in how well this storyline is selling. That said, not a very impressive variant, if you ask me. Watch for an $8-$10 price tag.

Alpha Flight #1 (of 8)(Dale Eaglesham Variant Cover)

X-Men #13 (Paco Medina Variant Cover)

Speculator Picks of the Week

These are comics that could sell out very quickly due to conservative ordering, popular demand, shipping errors or even the Missouri River swelling to the point that Nebraska becomes beach-front property. Pick them up while you can or pay too much for them later . . .

Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths #1

Godzilla Gangsters and Goliaths #1

Written by JOHN LAYMAN

Solicitation: Detective Makoto Sato is on an unrelenting quest to bring down the Takahashi crime syndicate. Sato’s efforts earn him a one-way trip to a tropical getaway, courtesy of the Tokyo criminal underworld. The exotic locale? Monster Island! Alone and facing death at the hands of both gangsters and goliaths, Sato must use his wits to survive—and enlist the aid of some most unusual friends. Join superstar creators John Layman (Chew) and Alberto Ponticelli (Unknown Soldier) for this unusual and exciting miniseries!

32 pages

Why it’ll go fast: Fans of both Chew and IDW’s Godzilla are going to be clamoring for this series. Everyone else should be pulled in by the amazing cover art of Geoff Darrow. I love that guy’s art! I’m guessing initial orders on this mini are low due to retailers not knowing how a second Godzilla series will sell. And sell it will. IDW’s monthly Godzilla title is a huge hit and sold more than any other IDW comic in the company’s history. I’m not saying Golaiths and Gangsters will be as big but watch for it to sell out very quickly. Unlike the first series, the print-run on this one will be much lower, making #1 very hard to find once it’s gone.

Kirby Genesis #1

Kirby Genesis #1

Covers: ALEX ROSS (three covers, 33 percent each), RYAN SOOK (1:5), PAUL RENAUD (1:10), DALE KEOWN (1:15)

Solicitation: Kirby: Genesis explodes into action! A message to space has been heard and answered—but what has come to Earth isn’t what anyone would expect! As cosmic visitors begin to be revealed to the world, a deadly battle begins—and three ordinary people are caught up in it. Featuring: Captain Victory, Silver Star, the Glory Knights and more—and this is just the beginning! Superstars Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross bring Jack “King” Kirby’s creations to life in a way you’ll never forget! This is the beginning! This is the Genesis!


Why it’ll go fast: This looks like the project that most nerds wanted Project Superpowers (also from DF) to be. With names like Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross teaming up to bring some of Jack Kirby’s lesser known creations to life, Genesis has a lot going for it and painted covers by Ross aren’t going to hurt anything. The #0 issue is still in stock but keep in mind it had a $1 cover price, so it probably had a gigantic print-run. I’d expect #1 to be much lower and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a sell-out by this weekend.

Invincible #80

Invincible #80


Solicitation: Dinosaurus returns! Hell-bent on righting what he sees as wrong in the world, he comes face-to-face with Invincible and the result is devastating.

32 pages

Why it’ll go fast: Invincible is celebrating its 80th issue with a sell-out prior to its shipping. Again. The level of quality writer Robert Kirman has maintained on this title really is amazing. I can’t say enough about how good Invincible really is and the fact that fans have supported a comic with no major recognizable characters in it for this long makes me feel a little better about the state of the comic book market. Watch for this one to spike early on eBay and then take a bit of a dive when speculators flood eBay with more in a late attempt to cash in. When the dust settles, #80 should be a pretty solid $10 back issue for a while.


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