The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 08/07/2013

Robocop Last Stand #1 (of 8)(Cover B Jay Shaw), 1:15, ($7-$9). I love this Shaw variant but I’m not convinced this series will be a must-read.

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New Comics Roundup

Keep in mind, just because something is sold out doesn’t mean it’s hot. Some of the companies putting out comics each week do so at a very low level. A sellout, in these instances, may be a success for them but it by no means equates to collector’s gold. ’Nuff aaid! Let’s freak out on this week’s comics: Watch for a new Jeff Lemire series at Vertigo; the tale of a sidekick gone bad at Image; and more Infinity and Hunger over at Marvel.

Below you will find all the info you could possibly need on all the hot, new comics shipping this Wednesday, Aug. 7, including variant ratios, storyline and creator notes and a little speculation on what could be hard to find in the future. The ratios listed after titles (i.e.; 1:10) represent how many issues of a regular cover retailers had to order to get the variant. Issues that are part of a crossover or storyline have an abbreviated title in parenthesis after the title comic (i.e.; AvX). Be sure to let me know what you think of the new format and remember to click on the links for previews. For a full list of comics shipping this week, click here. To find a comic shop near you, click here.

Abbreviations: AR – Ask Retailer (for price info); FOC – Final Order Cutoff date; GN – Graphic Novel; HC – Hardcover; RI – Retailer Incentive; SC – Soft Cover; SUB – Subscription Variant; TP – Trade Paperback; Vol. – Volume.



Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales Volume 3 Donner Dinner Party GN, $12.95


Rachel Rising Volume 3 Cemetery Songs TP, $16.99, Collects issues #13-18


Princeless Tales of Girls Who Rock (One Shot), $2.99. Sold out.

Skyward #2 (of 6), $2.99. Sold out.


Headsmash GN, $19.95
Steam Engines of Oz #2, $3.99


Rubicon HC, $24.95. Sold out.
Thrilling Adventure Hour
HC, $19.95. Sold out.


Jugheads Double Digest #195, $3.99
Kevin Keller #10 (Dan Parent Regular Cover), $2.99

Kevin Keller #10 (Ryan Jampole Variant Cover), $2.99. Sold out.
Mega Man #28 (Tristan Jones Pencil Ink Color Variant Cover), $2.99
Mega Man #28 (Ryan Jampole Regular Cover), $2.99


Charismagic Volume 2 #4 (of 6)(Cover A Siya Oum), $3.99
Charismagic Volume 2 #4 (of 6)(Cover B Siya Oum), $3.99
Charismagic Volume 2 #4 (of 6)(Cover C Siya Oum), $3.99
Charismagic Volume 2 #4 (of 6)(Cover D Siya Oum), $3.99


Alan Moore’s Fashion Beast HC, $32.99
Alan Moore’s Fashion Beast TP, $24.99
Crossed Badlands #34 (Gabriel Andrade Torture Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #34 (Gabriel Andrade Wraparound Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #34 (Raulo Caceres Regular Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #34 (Raulo Caceres Red Crossed Incentive Cover), 1:3
Crossed Volume 6 HC, $32.99
Crossed Volume 6 TB, $24.99. Collects issues #19-28 of the Crossed Badlands series.
George R.R. Martin’s Skin Trade #2 (Mike Wolfer Grisley Cover), $3.99
George R.R. Martin’s Skin Trade #2 (Mike Wolfer Regular Cover), $3.99
George R.R. Martin’s Skin Trade #2 (Mike Wolfer Wraparound Cover), $3.99
George R.R. Martin’s Skin Trade #2 (Mike Wolfer Skinned Incentive Cover), 1:3


Critter #13 (Cover A Fico Ossio), $3.50
Critter #13 (Cover B Romano Molenaar), $3.50
Knightingail Shadow Divisions #1 (of 6)(Cover A Mell Joy San Juan), $3.99

Knightingail Shadow Divisions #1 (of 6)(Cover B Nathan Seals), $3.99 . New anthropomorphic fantasy series.

Legend of Oz The Wicked West #10 (Cover A Alisson Borges), $3.50
Legend of Oz The Wicked West #10 (Cover B Nei Ruffino), $3.50
Serusis #2 (of 5), $3.50
Ursa Minor #6 (of 6)(Cover A Ian Snyder), $3.50
Ursa Minor #6 (of 6)(Cover B Natalie Sanders), $3.50


Warhammer 40K Seventh Retribution SC, $14
Warhammer Gotrek And Felix Lost Tales SC, $14


Damned Volume 1 TP, $16.99
Garfield #16 (Cover A Gary Barker), $3.99
Higher Earth #9 (Cover A Frazer Irving)(Final Issue), $3.99
Higher Earth #9 (Cover B Garry Brown)(Final Issue), $3.99
Higher Earth #9 (Cover C Garry Brown)(Final Issue), 1:15
Higher Earth #9 (Cover D Frazer Irving)(Final Issue), 1:25
Planet of the Apes Cataclysm #12 (Cover A Gabriel Hardman), $3.99

Robocop Last Stand #1 (of 8)(Cover A Declan Shalvey), $3.99. Robocop returns and makes his BOOM! debut.

Robocop Last Stand #1 (of 8)(Cover B Jay Shaw), 1:15, ($7-$9). I love this Shaw variant but I’m not convinced this series will be a must-read.

Suicide Risk #4 (Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards), $3.99
Suicide Risk #4 (Cover B Stephanie Hans), 1:20


Comic Shop News #1364, FREE


Final Plague #2 (of 5), $2.99


Abe Sapien #5 (The New Race of Man Part 2 of 2), $3.50
Catalyst Comix #2 (of 9), $2.99
Fagin The Jew HC (10th Anniversary Edition), $19.99

Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus Volume 2 TP, $19.99. Collects stories from Volume 3, Volume 4, and Volume 5 of the original Lone Wolf and Cub series.

Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #4 (of 5)(Transhuman Part 4), $3.99

Orchid Volume 3 TP, $17.99. Collects issues #9-#12
Trekker Omnibus TP, $24.99


Action Comics #23 (Tyler Kirkham Regular Cover), $3.99

Action Comics #23 (Tyler Kirkham Combo Pack Cover), $4.99. With digital download code.

Action Comics #23 (Tyler Kirkham Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25
Ame-Comi Girls #6, $3.99
Batman Arkham Unhinged Volume 1 TP, $14.99
Batman Arkham Unhinged Volume 2 HC, $22.99
Batwing #23, $2.99
Detective Comics #23 (Jason Fabok Regular Cover), $3.99
Detective Comics #23 (Jason Fabok Combo Pack Cover), $4.99
Detective Comics #23 (Jason Fabok Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25
Dial H #15 (Final Issue), $4.99
Disturbingly Awful MAD TP, $12.99
Earth 2 #15 (Juan Doe Regular Cover), $2.99
Earth 2 #15 (Juan Doe Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25
Fairest #18, $2.99
Green Arrow #23 (Andrea Sorrentino Regular Cover), $2.99
Green Arrow #23 (Andrea Sorrentino Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25
Green Lantern #23 (Billy Tan & Richard Friend Regular Cover), $2.99

Green Lantern #23 (Billy Tan & Richard Friend Combo Pack Cover), $3.99. With digital download code.

Green Lantern #23 (Rags Morales Variant Cover), 1:25

In the Days of the Mob HC, $39.99. Collects IN THE DAYS of THE MOB #1 and stories from AMAZING WORLD of DC COMICS #1 and 10.

Legends of the Dark Knight #11, $3.99
Looney Tunes #214, $2.99
Movement #4, $2.99

Saucer Country Volume 2 The Reticulan Candidate TP, $16.99. Collects #7-#14

Scooby-Doo Where Are You #36, $2.99
Stormwatch #23, $2.99
Swamp Thing #23, $2.99

Trillium #1 (of 8)

Trillium #1 (of 8), $2.99. New time-spanning sci/fi mini from Sweet Tooth creator Jeff Lemire.

Trinity of Sin Pandora #1 (Ryan Sook 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99
Trinity of Sin The Phantom Stranger #11, $2.99


Black Bat #4 (Jae Lee Main Cover), $3.99
Black Bat #4 (Ardian Syaf Variant Cover), $3.99
Black Bat #4 (Billy Tan Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Black Bat #4 (Jae Lee Black & White Variant Cover), 1:10

Black Bat #4 (Billy Tan Black & White Variant Cover)

Black Bat #4 (Billy Tan Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25

Black Bat #4 (Joe Benitez Original Art Variant Cover). Retailers had to exceed their order of #2 with #4 before they could order this as needed.

Damsels #9 (Aneke Regular Cover), $3.99
Damsels #9 (Chris Eliopoulos Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Dark Shadows #19 (Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover), $3.99
Garth Ennis’ Battlefields Volume 7 The Green Fields Beyond TP, $16.99
George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones #16 (Mike S. Miller Regular Cover), $3.99
Lady Rawhide #1 (of 5)(Joseph Michael Linsner Regular Cover), $3.99
Lady Rawhide #1 (of 5)(Joseph Michael Linsner Subscription Variant), $3.99

Lords of Mars #1 (of 6)(Alex Ross Regular Cover), $3.99. Tarzan/John Carter crossover.

Lords of Mars #1 (of 6)(Ardian Syaf Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Lords of Mars #1 (of 6)(Dan Panosian Variant Cover), $3.99
Lords of Mars #1 (of 6)(Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover), $3.99
Lords of Mars #1 (of 6)(Fritz Casas Risque Variant Cover), 1:15
Lords of Mars #1 (of 6)(Marchio Abreau Risque Variant Cover), 1:25
Lords of Mars #1 (of 6)(Ray Villegas Risque Variant Cover), 1:50
Owl #2 (of 4)(Alex Ross Regular Cover), $3.99
Owl #2 (of 4)(Ardian Syaf Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Owl #2 (of 4)(Alex Ross Sketch Variant), 1:15

Pathfinder Goblins #1 (of 5)(Carlos Gomez Regular Cover), $3.99. The psychotic Pathfinder goblins get their own mini written by Adam Warren and Erik Mona.

Pathfinder Goblins #1 (of 5)(Shane White Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Pathfinder Goblins #1 (of 5)(Incentive Miniature Goblin Figure), 1:10
Red Sonja #1 (Jenny Frison 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Red Sonja Volume 11 Echoes of War TP, $19.99
Shadow #16 (Alex Ross Regular Cover), $3.99
Shadow #16 (Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover), $3.99
Shadow #16 (Jason Shawn Alexander Regular Cover), $3.99
Shadow #16 (Tim Bradstreet Regular Cover), $3.99
Shadow #16 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover), 1:15
Shadow #16 (Alex Ross Sketch Variant Cover), 1:25
Vampirella #31 (Fabiano Neves Regular Cover), $3.99
Vampirella #31 (Lucio Parrillo Regular Cover), $3.99

Vampirella #31 (Paul Renaud Regular Cover), $3.99. Each cover ships in a 1:3 ratio.

Warlord of Mars #27 (Risque Red Cover)(Dynamic Forces), $19.99
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #28 (Fabiano Neves Regular Cover), $3.99
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #28 (Wagner Reis Regular Cover), $3.99
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #28 (Walter Geovani Risque Variant), 1:15
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #28 (Wagner Reis Risque Variant), 1:25


DC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #37 (Supergirl White Pawn), $16
DC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #38 (Lex Luthor Black King), $16


No Straight Lines Four Decades of Queer Comics TP, $35


Art of Brom HC, $44.95


Danger Girl Trinity #1 (of 4)(J. Scott Campbell Variant)(Dynamic Forces), $10
Dungeons and Dragons Cutter #4 (of 5)(Cover A Steve Ellis), $3.99
Dungeons and Dragons Cutter #4 (of 5)(Cover B David Baldeon), $3.99
FELDSTEIN The MAD Life and Fantastic Art of Al Feldstein HC, $49.99
G.I. JOE The Cobra Files #5 (Cover A Antonio Fuso), $3.99

G.I. JOE The Cobra Files #5 (Cover B Werther Dell’Edera), $3.99. Both covers ship 1:1.

G.I. JOE The Cobra Files #5 (Cover RI Riley Rossmo), 1:10
Godzilla Rulers of Earth #2 (Cover A Matt Frank), $3.99
Godzilla Rulers of Earth #2 (Cover RI Jeff Zornow), 1:10
Half Past Danger #1 (of 6)(2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99

Locke and Key Special Edition Volume 2 Head Games HC, $99.99. Includes “Head Games” #1-6 plus Joe Hill’s original scripts, all specially packaged under a leather and foil cover.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #22 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Artobiography HC, $49.99
Torpedo Volume 4 TP, $17.99
Transformers Monstrosity #3 (of 4)(Cover A Livio Ramondelli), $3.99
Transformers Monstrosity #3 (of 4)(Cover B Livio Ramondelli), $3.99
Transformers Monstrosity #3 (of 4)(Cover C Livio Ramondelli), $3.99
Transformers Robots in Disguise #20 (Cover A Andrew Griffith), $3.99
Transformers Robots in Disguise #20 (Cover B Casey Coller), $3.99
Transformers Robots in Disguise #20 (Cover RI Livio Ramondeli), 1:10
X-Files Season 10 #1 (Photo Variant Cover)(Dynamic Forces), $6.99


Activity #14, $3.50

Artifacts #30, $3.99. Sold out.

Blackacre #9, $2.99

Burn The Orphanage: Born to Lose #1 (of 3)(Cover A Sina Grace), $3.99. An orphan plots his revenge on those responsible for his family’s death.

Burn The Orphanage Born to Lose #1 (of 3)(Cover B Rob Guillory), $3.99. Both covers sold out.

Cyber Force #5 (Cover A Marc Silvestri), Free
Cyber Force #5 (Cover B Marc Silvestri), 1:50
Cyber Force #5 (Cover C Stjepan Sejic), 1:100
Distant Soil Volume 1 The Gathering TP, $16.99
Fatale #16, $3.50
Invincible Universe #5, $2.99
Legend of Luther Strode #6 (of 6), $3.50

Manhattan Projects #13, $3.50. Sold out.

Miniature Jesus #4 (of 5), $3.99
Prophet #38, $3.99
Satellite Sam #1 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.50

Satellite Sam #2, $3.50. Sold out.

Sheltered #2, $2.99. Sold out.

Sidekick #1 (Cover A Tom Mandrake & Brian Miller), $2.99. Another in the new line of J. Michael Straczynski titles. This one is about the complete destruction of a sidekick after his partner dies. It’s feel-bad comics in the vein of Braking Bad.

Sidekick #1 (Cover B Charlie Adlard), $2.99. Both covers sold out.

Ten Grand #1 (Jae Lee Black & White Virgin Variant)(Dynamic Forces), $14.99
Ten Grand #1 (Jae Lee Variant Cover)(Dynamic Forces), $6.99
Ten Grand #4, $2.99
Todd The Ugliest Kid on Earth Volume 1 TP, $9.99


Alien Saga The Poster Collection SC, $24.99


Fairy Tail Volume 28 GN, $10.99


Hi-Fructose Collected Box Set Volume 3, $75


Bag of Marbles GN, $9.95
Little Prince Volume 9 The Planet of the Giant GN, $7.95
Tib and Tumtum Volume 1 Welcome to the Tribe GN, $6.95


Age of Ultron #10A.I. (Sara Pichelli 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99

All-New X-Men #15, $3.99. Sold out.

Avengers #17, $3.99. “Prelude to Infinity” part four. New members get recruited.

Avengers A.I. #2 (Dave Marquez Regular Cover), $2.99. You need to be reading this one. Ton a fun.

Avengers A.I. #2 (Ed McGuinness Artist Variant Cover), 1:50
Cable and X-Force #12, $3.99

Daredevil by Mark Waid Volume 5 HC (Premiere Edition), $19.99. Collecting DAREDEVIL (2011) #22-27.

Daredevil Dark Nights #3 (of 8), $2.99
Dark Tower The Gunslinger So Fell Lord Perth #1 (One Shot), $3.99
Deadpool Kills Deadpool #2 (of 4), $2.99
Emerald City of Oz #2 (of 5), $3.99
Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (Carlo Pagulayan Variant)(Dynamic Forces), $4.50
Guardians of the Galaxy #3 (Steve McNiven 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Guardians of the Galaxy #4 (Sara Pichelli 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Hawkeye #11 (David Aja 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99
Hunger #2 (of 4), $3.99
Iron Man #14, $3.99
Iron Man #9 (Greg Land Variant Cover)(Dynamic Forces), $5.60

Iron Man Volume 2 The Secret Origin of Tony Stark Book 1 HC (Premiere), $24.99. Collecting IRON MAN (2012) #6-11.

Kick-Ass 3 #2 (of 8)(John Romita Jr. Regular Cover), $2.99
Kick-Ass 3 #2 (of 8)(Duncan Fegredo Variant Cover), $2.99
Kick-Ass 3 #2 (of 8)(John Romita Jr. Sketch Variant Cover), 1:25
Marvel Universe The Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #17, $2.99

Savage Wolverine Volume 1 Kill Island HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99. Collects #1-#5.

Superior Carnage #2 (of 5)(Clayton Crain Regular Cover), $3.99. Sold out.

Superior Carnage #2 (of 5)(Rafa Garres Variant Cover)

Superior Carnage #2 (of 5)(Rafa Garres Variant Cover), 1:25, ($9-$12). I don’t recognize Garres name but be prepared to fight for this one with Carnage fans.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2 (Ed McGuinness Regular Cover), $2.99

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2 (Phil Jimenez Variant Cover)

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2 (Phil Jimenez Variant Cover), 1:50, ($15-$20). I love this one but it should be fairly easy to find.

Superior Spider-Man #15, $3.99. Sold out.

Thor by Walter Simonson Volume 1 TP, $24.99. Collecting THOR #337-345.

Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Volume 4 TP, $29.99. Collecting ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (2000) #40-45 and #47-53.

Venom Toxin with a Vengeance TP, $15.99. Collecting VENOM #31-35.

Winter Soldier Volume 4 The Electric Ghost TP, $14.99. Collecting WINTER SOLDIER #15-19.

X-Factor #260, $2.99


Monsters from the Vault #32, $9.98


Phases of the Moon TP, $12.99


Famous Monsters of Filmland #269, $9.99


Helheim #6, $3.99


Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures #9, $2.75
Atomic Robo And The Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #2 (of 5), $3.50


Doctor Who The Complete Guide SC, $14.95


Alice in the Country of Hearts The Clockmaker’s Story Volume 1 GN, $13.99
Certain Scientific Railgun Volume 8 GN, $12.99
Dance in the Vampire Bund Omnibus Volume 3 GN, $19.99
Kanokon Collected Edition Volume 2 GN, $18.99
Sacred Blacksmith Volume 2 GN, $13.99
Vampire Cheerleaders Must Die Volume 1 GN, $12.99
Witch Buster Volume 1 Books 1 and 2 TP, $16.99
Witch Buster Volume 2 Books 3 and 4 TP, $16.99
World War Blue Volume 2 GN, $11.99


Postcard Girls SC, $14.95


John Carpenter’s Asylum #2, $3.99


Star Trek Magazine #46 (Previews Exclusive Edition), $9.99
Star Wars The Clone Wars Magazine #19, $4.99
Walking Dead The Official Magazine #5 (Newsstand Edition), $9.99
Walking Dead The Official Magazine #5 (Previews Exclusive Edition), $9.99


Draw #25, $8.95
Jack Kirby Collector #61, $10.95
Joe Kubert A Tribute to the Creator and Mentor SC, $17.95


Over the Wall GN, $14.95


Harbinger Wars #3 (of 4)(Patrick Zircher 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Quantum and Woody #2 (Ryan Sook Regular Cover), $3.99
Quantum and Woody #2 (Tom Fowler Variant Cover), $3.99
Quantum and Woody #2 (Rian Hughes Variant Cover), 1:20
Shadowman #9 (Dave Johnson Regular Cover), $3.99
Shadowman #9 (Andrew Robinson Variant Cover), $3.99


Twin Knights Volume 1 GN, $13.95


Bakuman Volume 20 TP, $9.99
Devil and Her Love Song Volume 10 GN, $9.99
Happy Marriage Volume 1 GN, $9.99
Kamisama Kiss Volume 13 TP, $9.99
Kaze Hikaru Volume 21 GN, $9.99
Kimini Todoke From Me to You Volume 17 GN, $9.99
Library Wars Love and War Volume 10 GN, $9.99
Naruto Volume 62 TP, $9.99
Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan Volume 16 GN, $9.99
Pokemon Black and White Volume 11 GN, $4.99
Slam Dunk Volume 29 GN, $9.99
Tegami Bachi Volume 14 GN, $9.99
Toriko Volume 17 GN, $9.99


Kingdom Hearts II Volume 1 TP, $19


Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland Presents Down the Rabbit Hole #3 (of 5)(Cover A Anthony Spay), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland Presents Down the Rabbit Hole #3 (of 5)(Cover B Dawn McTeigue), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Zombies the Cursed #2 (of 3)(Cover A Paulo Siqueira), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Zombies the Cursed #2 (of 3)(Cover B Alfredo Reyes), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Zombies the Cursed #2 (of 3)(Cover C Pasquale Qualano), $3.99
Tyler Kirkham’s Screwed #3 (of 6)(Cover A Tyler Kirkham), $2.99
Tyler Kirkham’s Screwed #3 (of 6)(Cover B David Miller), $2.99

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