The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 12/08/2010

Lady Mechanika Benetiez Sketch variant

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by WorthPoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics and back issues and the comic market place in general. Prices discussed here are taken from the Overstreet Guide to Comics (OVST), (CPG) and current online auction sales. Sales numbers and rankings are courtesy of The codes under the prices of new titles discussed are Diamond Comics order codes that can be used to help your local comic retailer in ordering the issues discussed.

New Comics Roundup

Below you will find all the info you could possibly need on the hot, new comics shipping this Wednesday, Dec. 8. For a full list of comics shipping this week, click here. To find a comic shop near you, click here.

Variant Watch

Here’s a list of all the variants shipping from Diamond this week and some info on the hot ones. The variant ratios (i.e.; 1:10) represent how many of the regular issues the retailer has to order to receive one of the variants. If a ratio is not included it’s because I couldn’t get the information or because the variant is new printing.


Lady Mechanika #1 Cover C 1:15 Joe Benitez Sketch Incentive cover
Lady Mechanika #1 Cover D 1:35 J Scott Campbell Sketch Incentive cover

Variants of the Lady Mechanika #0 issue are still selling very well online, so I would guess the #1 variants should also be in demand. The Campbell variant is a 1:35 ratio so retailers had to order 35 issues of the #0 issue to receive this variant, not the #1. This shouldn’t make the Campbell variant too scarce because #0 was well-ordered, but expect to see higher prices than usual. Watch for an $8-$10 price tag on the 1:10 variant and a $20-$24 price tag on the 1:35.


Night of the Living Dead #2 (Of 5) 1:3 Paul Duffield Classic Black & White Incentive cover


Starborn #1 Cover C Khary Randolph 1:10 Incentive cover
Starborn #1 Cover D Gene Ha 1:25 Virgin Incentive?cover
Starborn #1 Cover E Humberto Ramos 1:50 Virgin Incentive cover
Starborn #1 Cover F Khary Randolph 1:75 Virgin Incentive cover
Starborn #1 Cover G Mitch Gerads 1:300 Variant cover signed by Stan Lee
Starborn #1 Midtown Comics Variant

Starborn #1 Midtown Variant

Starborn #1 Virgin Variant

BOOM! Studios seems to have borrowed a page from Dynamite’s playbook and hit collectors with seven different covers of Starborn #1 and an exclusive Midtown Comics cover limited to 500 copies. There’re two regular covers that ship in a 50:50 ratio as well. Retailers are asking anywhere from $300-$700 for the 1:300 variant autographed by Stan Lee and there aren’t many of them for sale online. If you need this one, you might end up paying quite a bit for it.

Dark Horse:

Let Me In: Crossroads #1 1:5 Photo Variant


First Wave #5 (Of 6) 1:10 Eduardo Risso Variant cover


Project Superpowers X-Mas Carol #1 Alex Ross Virgin Incentive cover


Doorways #2 (Of 4) Rebecca Wrigley Variant cover
Doorways #2 (Of 4) Stefano Martino Sketch Variant cover
G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #161 Larry Hama Sketch Variant cover
G.I. Joe Future Noir Special #2 (Of 2) Giacomo Bevilacqua Variant cover
G.I. JOE Origins #22 Werther Dell Edera Variant cover
Mystery Society #5 (Of 5) Fiona Staples Sketch Variant cover
Silent Hill Past Life #2 (Of 4) Justin Randall Variant cover
Spike #3 (Of 8) Jenny Frison Variant cover
Star Trek Khan Ruling in Hell #3 (Of 4) Khan Photo Variant cover
Transformers #14 (Ongoing) Don Figueroa Character Sketch Design cover
Witch & Wizard #7 (Operation Zero) Victor Santos Sketch Variant cover


Invaders Now #4 (Of 5) Howard Chaykin Variant cover
New Avengers #7 1:15 Tron Variant

The Tron variants aren’t the hottest variants out there but they are selling steadily for around $10. Look for a similar price tag here.

Widowmaker #1 1:15 Paul Renaud Variant cover

Speculator Picks of the Week

These are comics that could sell out very quickly due to conservative ordering, popular demand, shipping errors or everyone stopping what they’re doing to go see the new Harry Potter (which was a massive downer; I liked it, but wow, not a happy ending). Pick them up while you can or pay too much for them later . . .

27 #1 (of 4)

27 #1 (of 4)


Solicitation: Hendrix, Cobain, Joplin, Morrison all belong to the “27 Club,” which admits only the most brilliant musicians and artists . . . and kills them dead in their 27th year. Will Garland is a famous rock guitarist, secretly unable to play for months due to a neurological disorder afflicting his left hand. He’s also 27! With mad scientists, long-dead rock legends and cosmic entities in his way, can he make it to 28? A new series in the popular Golden Age format!

32 pgs
$3.50 US

Why it’ll go fast: Don’t bother trying to reorder this one because it’s been sold out for three weeks. The fact that Image gave retailers two free copies for every 10 copies ordered may have helped in the selling out the first printing of issue #1. Regardless, nerds seem to believe the speculator hype here and are already paying $25-$35 for issue #1. Of course, as of Wednesday, the ’net will be flooded with copies and sellers and retailers alike asking ridiculous prices. 27 could be the next Chew #1, which was selling for upwards of $50 at one point, but I’m betting most were ready for this issue and will crush the price by asking too much.

Let Me In: Crossroads #1

Let Me In: Crossroads #1


Solicitation: Being forced to spend eternity as a vampire—trapped in the mind and body of a child, with slaughter the only recourse for survival—is torture enough. But when Abby finds herself faced with a ruthless real estate tycoon willing to do anything to get at the property she and her caretaker call home, far more monstrous torments await. In a small community torn apart by vicious men who are consumed by greed, wrath and envy, she will learn which deadly sin is truly deadliest. Taking you even deeper into a tragic world of sophisticated horror with Let Me In: Crossroads, a chilling prelude to the highly anticipated film “Let Me In.”

32 Pages

Why it’ll go fast: “Let Me In” was not exactly a box-office success but did garner both critical and cult acclaim. Think of it as the Vampire film for people who can’t stand “Twilight.” And, if you liked the remake, you have got to see the original Swedish version. Now, this comic could be too late to be a huge sell-out but I’m guessing there’re enough fans of the film and remake thereof to make this series a winner. Watch for retailers to order low on the first issue and raise their orders on #2 before it ships.

Widowmaker #1

Widowmaker #1

Cover by JAE LEE
Variant Cover by PAUL RENAUD

Solicitation: Who is hunting Marvel’s super spies? Espionage agents around the world are being assassinated, their covers blown, and governments’ intelligence & security capabilities devastated! The person behind it: an all-new Ronin! The next two super-spies targeted for death: Black Widow and Mockingbird! The wildcard determined to unmask the killer: Hawkeye! Let the game begin as Marvel’s spy community collides with its superhuman agents!

32 PGS

Why it’ll go fast: Both McCann and Swierczynski have other titles (Hawkeye and Mocking Bird and Black Widow) that, while receiving critical acclaim and a devoted cult following, don’t seem to have great sales. The idea here is much like the Heroes for Hire formula: combine these characters into one title and have one sales success instead of two mediocre-selling titles. Whether it works remains to be seen, as does whether retailers bite on this one. I’m guessing initial orders are low, but nerds are going to dig this story and when word spreads the first printing should sell-out quickly. Pick this one up if you can find it. It should be a fun read for all.


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